BMW Motorrad Grew 9% in the USA for 2015

01/08/2016 @ 3:44 pm, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS


News from BMW Motorrad shows that the Germans did quite well in the United States last year, selling 16,330 units in 2015. That figure is up 9.3% from the 14,945 units that BMW Motorrad sold in 2014, in the USA.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, BMW Motorrad USA’s best model was its liter-bike offering, the BMW S1000RR, which accounted for 13.3% of BMW’s total sales in the USA – roughly 2,170 units.

The S1000RR has often rivaled the BMW R1200GS for the top-billing in the US market, with the R1200GS Adventure taking 12.2% of BMW sales and the R1200GS with 11.5%, (roughly 2,000 units and 1,900 units, respectively).

BMW Motorrad says that the BMW S1000XR and S1000R round out the American subsidiary’s Top 5, though fails to give specifics on what sort of volume figures or marketshare those two models are enjoying in the United States.

“New and loyal customers; a broad, continuously enhanced model lineup; a high-performing dealer network; and accolades from the motorcycle press contributed to record growth for BMW Motorcycles in the United States, BMW Motorrad’s strongest export market,” said Kris Odwarka, Vice President of BMW Motorrad USA.

With the BMW R nineT Scrambler and BMW G310R set to come to the USA in 2016, we can expect to see strong sales continue with the BMW brand. We also expect zie Germans to announce soon another record year for BMW Motorrad in its worldwide sales.

Source: BMW Motorrad USA

  • Surya De

    An engineering marvel but somehow it leaves me a bit cold.

  • John Mith

    One can only assume you are talking about the RR? There are other bikes out there with a lot more personality but unfortunately you give up a bit of performance and comfort in order to experience that. Those personalities become unwieldy at the outer edge of performance and are often hard to live with on the street.

    The RR is a paradox. It’s one of the more powerful and capable bikes in the market yet it’s the safest and most comfortable to ride. On the street it seems tame and easy to ride but all that power is always lurking there if you ever want it.

    To me at least that makes the RR a lot more amazing. It’s easy to add “personality” to a bike to hide engineering flaws. It takes a lot more engineering to make a bike work everywhere. That might make it a bit cold but it’s no less amazing.

  • Surya De

    Very well said. I have an MV Agusta F4 Senna and an Aprilia RSV4 Factory. The MV thrills like no other and has all the drama in the world. The Aprilia is amazingly competent but doesn’t have the power of the S1000RR. I am looking to pick up an MV F3 or go nuts and pick up a Panigale R but still I don’t feel my heartstrings being pulled at by the BMW competent though it might be compared to every one of those mentioned bikes!

  • Surya De

    Once again could not disagree with your post at all! Especially the M cars bit cause I have the E92 M3 as well :)