BMW Motorrad Will Release Four New Models at EICMA

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The new bike season is starting to heat up, and the zenith is only a few weeks away. I am of course talking about the EICMA show in Milan.

As such, the Germans are gearing up for a big show in Italy this year, with an all-new booth design, and more importantly, four new motorcycles to showcase.

We know this, because BMW Motorrad told us so in a press release, but the real information we are craving is which bikes we will see in Milan, and for that, we have some strong guesses.

Out of the four machines to make their world premiere, we know for certain what two of the bikes will be. The BMW R18 cruiser will finally make its official debut, after much teasing and hype from the Bavarian brand.

We also have a 99% confidence interval that a new BMW S1000XR will debut, using the four-cylinder engine found in the recently updated 2020 BMW S1000RR superbike.

From here, things get a bit less certain. We are reasonable confident (let’s give this one a 75% confidence interval) that we will see the BMW F850RS.

The debate though is what this bike will be. Will it be the boring “RS” version of the recently revamped F850 platform? Or, will BMW Motorrad make this machine closer to the BMW 9Cento concept we saw last year?

The fourth model? Well, that is the guessing game. BMW Motorrad has a strong history of snookering us in this realm, often making the last model to debut a new scooter offering (not that there is anything wrong with scooters…but there sort of is).

But, if we overlook this trend, there are a couple machines that could pop-up, the most notable being the BMW S1000R, which could make a nice pairing to the S1000XR that we expect to see.

It seems every year that we hope to see the G310RR small-displacement sport bike…and every year we are left disappointed, as the bike never arrives. This year, we are tempering our hopes, but hey, you never know.

Of course, we only have a few more weeks to wait to see what the result is, but consider this a strong insight into what to expect at Milan.

Be sure to keep an eye on Asphalt & Rubber, as we bring you all the new models that debut in Italy…and perhaps give you some glimpses of them, before they are officially unveiled.

Source: BMW Motorrad

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