Black Beauty Lives – Two Britten V1000s Will Hit the Track

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Arguably one of the most impressive motorcycles ever created, the Britten V1000 has also one of the most interesting stories. Designed and built by John Britten, an engineer from New Zealand, the V1000 had elements and ideas way ahead of its time in 1996 — such as carbon fiber wheels, frameless chassis, and Hossack front suspension.

The results were promising. The Britten V1000 won the Battle of the Twins at Daytona (1994), was 1st and 2nd in the New Zealand National Superbike Championship (1994), and set the fastest top speed at the Isle of Man TT (1993).

Unfortunately in 1995, John Britten passed away, and his loss was felt by a country and an industry. With only a handful of V1000s made, most motorcycle enthusiasts have had to glimpse these pieces of two-wheeled history standing still on a museum showroom. Not this year though.

Two working Britten V1000 race bikes will be ridden this February, helping remember John Britten at the Sound of Thunder tribute in Christchurch, New Zealand. It should be a special event for all those involved and attending.

This mini-documentary is about the first customer-owned Britten V1000, which will be attending the John Britten Memorial Tribute in Christchurch. It needs a little work to get ready for the big day, but the owner seems up to the task. Enjoy!

Source: Vimeo