We honestly thought the whole American Chopper / Paul Sr. vs. Paul Jr / Orange County Choppers thing had finally run its course. OCC Merchandising filed for bankruptcy protection, American Chopper was unable to find a new cast to work with Paul Sr., and Paul Jr was off in his own shop of obscurity. In other words, order had been restored to the universe. Not. So. Fast.

It seems the folks at Blizzard Entertainment want a piece of the OCC action, and it’s coming to us in a new direct-to-web video series: Azeroth Choppers. The premise is pretty simple: two design teams will build two bikes that fit the “Alliance vs. Horde’ motif in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

WoW gamers will then later get to vote on which bike gets digitized and made available for play. And, Paul Teutul Jr. is charge of the whole build process. We could not make this up if we tried.

We can already tell you that the on-camera interactions are a bit rough, even for our dorky minds; and at first, it’s hard to tell if this is one elaborate prank, with the two household names trolling the internet itself for a reaction.

But then when you realize that it’s all very real, the only allure of show becomes figuring out who is living in the bigger fantasy world: Paul Jr. or the WoW workers. It’s clear that both franchises have jumped the shark, and are just in the final death throes of their existence — or are they?

With two million views on Episode 1, and roughly a million views each on Episode 2 & 3, Blizzard and Paul Jr. Designs are getting some serious play on YouTube. Like it or not, the Teutuls, like the show Sons of Anarachy, continue to be America’s lifeline to the motorcycle industry, which is a semi-scary thought.

Good luck looking away from this train wreak below. If someone comes up with a MST3K edition of these videos, we would forever be in your debt.

Episode 4 coming May 8th.

Source: World of Warcraft via Oliepeil

  • David


    Something more entertaining than MotoGp!

    Okay..okay……I’m keeding man…don’t ban me. lol

  • TheSeaward

    I had to double check this wasn’t The Onion.

  • Jw

    I watched all 3. The drama about getting the bikes built in 5 weeks rings similar to OCC, which got old. Same drama different show

  • Gutterslob

    Oh yay, more body odour and dandruff!!

  • Nick

    Guess what folks, just like American Chopper, the audience for Azeroth Choppers isn’t bikers.

  • paulus

    Die! Fat tyred, ‘whipped cream on sh*t bikes’…. Die!
    Remove yourself from the public perception of motorcycles and motorcyclists… the quicker the better.