Audi Reconfirms Gabriele Del Torchio as Ducati CEO

07/19/2012 @ 7:28 am, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

With the acquisition of Ducati Motor Holding by Audi AG, the German car manufacturer was bound to do some shuffling in the Italian motorcycle company’s executive ranks. Announcing that it has formed a new Board of Directors, Audi CEO Rupert Stadler has unsurprisingly been name President of the Board, while Horst Glaser and Axel Strotbek (best names ever) from Audi have also been given seats on the Ducati’s Board.

Giving Audi AG a 3-to-2 controlling interest of over Ducati’s Board of Directors, the new board is also comprised of Gabriele Del Torchio and Claudio Domenicali. In an interesting move, Del Torchio has been reconfirmed by the new Board of Directors as CEO of Ducati Motor Holding, with Audi also appointing the Italian to the Board of Directors at Automobili Lamborghini SpA.

The two appointments are a vote of confidence by Audi’s management in the work that Gabriele Del Torchio has done at Ducati, as well as the work done by General Manager Claudio Domenicali. Clearly, Audi is very impressed with Del Torchio, since they have given him the reigns at Lamborghini as well, and it should be interesting to see what Del Torchio does at the car company, after now seeing his results at Ducati.

An interesting side note, former-CEO of Ducati North America Michael Lock is currently the COO at Lamborghini America. If you recall, Lock left Ducati North America two years ago after a failed attempt to leverage a move from Ducati North America to Ducati Motor Holding in Italy. Despite the less-then-amicable split between Del Torchio and Lock, it appears once again Lock will be Del Torchio’s right-hand man in the Americas, though now for Lamborghini instead of Ducati.

Source: Ducati

  • AB

    I suppose Lock is dusting off his CV as we speak…

    btw, I think it’s ‘Horst’ Glaser. Which makes it even a a better best name. Ever.

  • alien

    Mr. Beeler,
    that remark regarding german names was completely unnecessary.

  • AB, you’re right. I seem to be dealing with an over-zealous autocorrect lately.

    Alien, troll elsewhere. When it comes to epic European names, I clearly know what I’m talking about.

  • ZeitgeistXiii

    Yeah come on Jensen sheesh we all know everyone should be named Mike, Joe and if your arty Max. ;)

  • smiler

    Look at that line up. A challenge for any new reader…..and some very strong automotive links there as well…

    Ru pert (rear end of the Panigale) Stadler
    (Exz)Horst Glaser (German for glass)
    Axel (most vehicles have one) S trot (better to have an Audi) bek
    Ga briel (good name for a Ducati sponsor) e Del (name for 2nd hand vehicle dealer in UK) Torch (headlights?) io
    Cl audio (most cars have one) Dome (helmet) nicali
    Michael Lock (where would your bike be without one)

    Tenuous I know. Is this trolling?

    Great and fine names too. Interesting to see Audi see a Lambo Ducati connection…..Perhaps Lambo can design a decent carbon chassis for them.

  • foreigner

    never mind the names, those europeans have the ugliest teeth in the civilised world, YUCK

  • pooch

    Put him in a black cloak and Del Torchio looks like some sort of chief Vampire.