New American Manufacturer: Motus Leaves Stealth Mode

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It would seem a new player has entered the American Sport-Tourer market. The Kneeslider broke this morning that Motus American Motorcycles, a company founded by Brian Case and Lee Conn a year ago, is well along in their development of an all new next-generation, sport-touring motorcycle with a proprietary V4 powertrain.

From the press-release:

“Motus is developing a next-generation, sport-touring motorcycle with a proprietary V4 powertrain. Engine and chassis prototyping are currently underway with highly respected, automotive engineering partners. The design calls for a comfortable, lightweight machine that blends American muscle performance with proven range-extending technology. Motus believes there has never been a better time to bring something truly unexpected to the motorsports world.”

The duo sound like they bring a good mix of motorcycle style, and strong business sense. Brian Case is the ex-Confederate designer who played a large part in the development of the Wraith (one of our favorite looking bikes). Conversely, Lee Conn is a successful Birmingham businessman and entrepreneur, who according to his Linkedin profile, started one of the largest durable medical equipment dealers in Alabama.

Current projections are for annual production of 450 units. Since the details are scarce we have sent a letter to Case and Conn asking for more information. Beyond the basic questions of what the bike will be like, we’re especially curious to hear how Motus will differentiate themselves in the market from their competitors: What technical innovations they might have? Or if like Roehr, they will rely on pure American sentiment.

Source: The Kneeslider