Dear God Why? American Chopper Is Coming Back to TV

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Hold onto your butts, because the Teutuls are about to have a television show again, as the Discovery Channel is rebooting the incredibly popular American Chopper TV show.

In it, Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. will once again stir the pot of their family feud, as they face off against each other as they build custom motorcycles and vie for title of “Biggest Man-Child in the History Humankind” on cable television.

The news is of course a double-edged sword for the motorcycle industry, as American Chopper’s popularity was responsible for bringing motorcycling outside of our niche media focus, and putting it into the mainstream public consciousness.

Conversely though, the reality TV show feeds off some of the worst personalities that have ever been created, which doesn’t exactly put motorcycling’s best foot forward in the eye of the public, and only furthers the counter-culture perspective the general population has of motorcycles.

Love it or hate it, the new American Chopper will debut this time next year, in the winter of 2018. In the show, Paul Sr. will work out of his Orange County Choppers show, while Paul Jr. will continue in his own studio, Paul Jr. Designs.

For those who don’t remember, American Chopper ran for six seasons on the Discovery Channel, and its peak, it was the channel’s top-rated TV show.

Time will tell now if America is ready for more Teutul infighting, and whether the two Pauls have been able to re-establish their father-son relationship. Consider us unenthusiastic.

Source: TV Insider via Cyril Huse Blog