Alta Motors Out Testing the RedShift MX

02/04/2015 @ 10:55 am, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

Every time I check-in with the Alta Motors crew, they’re getting closer and closer to releasing their electric “RedShift” dirt bike and supermoto motorcycles.

I suspect we’ll see the San Franciscan company go public with its wares sometime later this year; but before that happens, I know they want to make the best product possible, and hence a lot of testing has been undertaken these past months.

The above clip was sent to me last night, and it shows the RedShift MX doing its thing at a popular Bay Area motocross track, 408MX. “Hooks up like a four-stroke, but rides like a two-stroke,” and it looks that part while doing it, even on some of the bigger hits that would have taco’d the competition.

While that’s nice and all (I’m sure the Dirt & Rubber crew are salivating), the testing video we’re really interested in is the one after the jump. Now that’s a big hit.


For bonus fun, here is a video of some more testing from the rider’s POV:

Source: Alta Motors

  • Emptybee

    What class will it be eligible for?

  • drivin98


  • Eric


  • Zach

    Given that they’ve never shipped anything, they sort of have to be getting closer to doing so, right? I’ve had a deposit down on one of these for over three years now, but in that time Zero has nearly duplicated the original RedShift performance specs with their FX for a good deal less money. At the end of 2012 this would have been a pretty amazing bike, but even if it came out today I think it would be behind the curve.

  • MrDefo

    I’ve always heard the electric motors in a rapid acceleration situation (all tie-fighter-y) but hearing it now in an actual low speed application? Man it’s weird! I could get used to it, I guess. But it’s really strange.

  • drivin98

    Sure, the Zero FX can put up some great numbers, and depending on your use case, is a good electric motorcycle. But it can’t touch the Alta.

    I mean, if you swap out the belt for a chain and sprocket, you can off-road the FX, but take it over big jumps? I sure wouldn’t. It wasn’t designed to handle those sorts of stresses. There’s a reason Zero stopped selling its MX.

    I would wager the RedShift would clean the clock of the FX on a track, and also do so for longer, since it has liquid cooling.

  • Zach

    Agreed that the RedShift looks like it would destroy the FX on a track, and it should, given its price premium. That said, however, the FX has progressed a lot in its two (?) years of availability, getting both more power and a lower price in its second version, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the next gen is a serious competitor to the Redshift.

  • Campisi

    A lot of that noise you’re hearing is the chain and drive gears.

  • Zach, thanks for sticking with us this long. I promise the bike is far from behind the curve and you won’t be disappointed if you can hang in there until deliveries later this year. -Marc

  • paulus

    ability to ride, jump and take hits is down to the chassis and suspension. Not the drivetrain… use proper brands and technologies and there is no reason why an electric can not handle the MX scene.