Alta Motors Set to Debut “R” Version of Its MX Bike

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After a massive price drop two weeks ago, Alta Motors is once again on our radar, this time with an upcoming new bike announcement. Teasing a new version of its motocross bike on social media, our Bothan spies tell us to get ready for an “R-spec” version of the Alta Redshift MX.

Boasting more power, less weight, better recharge times, and better heat management, our sources tell us that the Alta Motors Redshift MX R has been honed to meet the demands of professional racers, and those who want to look like them.

While exact details haven’t been released yet, our sources say that the Redshift MX R will have a price tag closer to the original MSRP of the MX model, which was $15,495 USD.

For that prices, other changes should include the use of WP Suspension’s AER forks, which will be replacing the heavier WP 4CS units.

While we don’t expect a huge power increase from the R model (a couple horsepower), the big advantage of the machine will be the internal modifications that Alta has made, which should eliminate any sort of thermal limitations for race-focused MX machine.

We would expect these changes to trickle into Alta’s other models as well, though we don’t have a timeline on that happening.

Expect to hear an official news drop on the 2018 Alta Motors Redshift MX R in the coming days…just remember where you heard it from first.

Source: Bothan Spies