EBR Slashes Prices on 2016 models, But Is It Enough?

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When Erik Buell Racing shutdown last year, the American sport bike manufacturer had bikes sitting on its assembly line, waiting to be completed and shipped to dealers. This was a point of fact that Erik Buell touted when EBR went into receivership, as a way of showing how easily EBR could restart its business quickly.

This statement of course failed to take into account that dealers were struggling to sell the bikes they already had on their showroom floors, and few (if any) were interested in receiving more units from Erik Buell Racing.

Part of the reason EBR had such a hard time selling motorcycles was because of the pricing on the EBR 1190RS, EBR 1190RX, and EBR 1190SX – all of which were priced against European models that had more features, technology, and craftsmanship.

Now under the ownership of Liquid Asset Partners (LAP), Erik Buell Racing is again selling its machines for the 2016 model year, though now the company has adopted more reasonable prices. As such, the 2016 EBR 1190SX and EBR 1190RX will cost $12,995 and $13,995, respectively.

This pricing structure gets close to EBR’s costs for producing the motorcycles, and more cynical pundits would say that LAP is merely liquidating its inventory of complete EBR motorcycles, under the guise of a regular sale with special pricing.

Either way you look at it, the prices listed here reflect more closely what the market is willing to pay for Erik Buell’s sport bike design – the rub, of course, is where you will be able to purchase one.

EBR Motorcycles (the name of the new business venture) hasn’t released a list of dealers yet, and encourages would-be bike purchasers to email the company for their closest dealership. Hopefully EBR will have a public list soon, though we wouldn’t expect to see too many former EBR dealerships on it.

Meanwhile, LAP says that EBR is back at work, making 2017 machines and designing 2018 motorcycles. The company is also hocking EBR’s design and consultancy services, yet again.

Source: EBR Motorcycles