Launched at Piaggio’s dealer meeting in Monte Carlo, the Aprilia Caponord 1200 (AKA the Aprilia Tuareg 1200) has shown its face to the public, and a recognizable face it is. Clearly based on the Dorsoduro 1200 platform, the new Caponord 1200 draws its design cues from the Aprilia RSV4, which like the punch-drunk frat boy that it is, has spread its seed into the likes of the RS4 50, RS4 125, and SRV850 maxi-scooter, making for a budding family of bikes that look suspiciously similar. Strong brand marketing across the model line, or incestuous ideas at the drawing board? You make the call.

Expected to be Aprilia’s answer to the Ducati Multistrada 1200, it is widely believed that Aprilia is using the Dorsoduro 1200 as a basis for the Caponord, and not the Dorsoduro 750. As such, the Caponord is likely to make 130hp and 84.8 lbs•ft of torque — substantially less than its Italian rival. With the maxi-motard Dorsoduro 1200 tipping the scales at 492 lbs at the curb, the Caponord 1200 could be upwards of 500 lbs unless Aprilia can put the adventure-tourer on an Italian fashion model diet.

Likely to debut as a 2013 model, the Aprilia Caponord 1200 will surely have anti-locking brakes (ABS), and there is even some chatter about an active suspension system, which would put the Capo on par with the likes of BMW and Ducati. Down on power and up on weight, we suspect that Aprilia will really differentiate the Caponord 1200 through the bike’s electronics, rather than its raw spec sheet stats. Already having the Aprilia Performance Ride Control (APRC) electronics package on the RSV4 and Tuono V4R, Aprilia would be wise to continue the trend of electronics being the new horsepower, and offer the Caponord with its industry-leading electronics system.

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  • Austin Tiller

    I wonder if they are planning to race Pikes with Ducati.

  • akatsuki

    They should really focus a bit more… This thing doesn’t look good, and not sure why you would get it over an MTS 1200? Ducati has more resources and it shows.

    Hopefully they will upgrade the RSV4 some more soon, since the 1199 and S1000RR look like it will be crushing it.

  • Butch


    Whille I don’t disagree with most of your post, it’s certainly not because Ducati has more resources than Aprilia…which is wholly owned by Piaggio. Ducati has a fraction of the revenues of the Piaggio group.

  • Carles

    It clearly shows how they ran out of money.

    No money = no big developments = part sharing = then marketing has to say “family look”

  • wreckah

    it’s just plain ugly and fat. I’m so tired of seeing these GS-wannabe-beaters…they’re all overly complicated and heavy. They are the big SUV’s of the biking world: boring, safe, big, not fast enough, and for those that care: not frugal enough.

    I sat on the triumph adventurer 1200 a couple of weeks ago…that’s not a bike anymore, it’s a boat. The tank looks (and feels) like it holds 100 litres.

    nope, i don’t like it.


    Shame, I expected more……ehhhhh.

  • Smitch

    That’s one of my biggest gripes with Aprilia. If I had an RSV4, I’d be PISSED they made a friggin old man adventure bike that has the exact same face.

  • Damo

    Dialing in as the #1 aprilia fanboy, I have to say this bike is kinda hideous. That being said I have not been a huge fan of aprilia litre bike efforts since they stopped using Rotax power plants.

    The RSV4 is a machine to be sure, but the service intervals and reliability is crippling. Ask anyone who bought a first year RSV4 how many recalls they had to deal with.

    Still in no hurry to get rid of my Mille though :)

  • MikeD

    First thing FIRST: That is one UGLY B*&^, what’s the deal with the overkill “Ducati Diavel lower rear mud guard” ?

    Comes to mind something i read somewhere that went something like this…. ” Are the OEMs trying to RAISE THE UGLY BAR at any given chance that the oportunity pops up to see who makes the MOST HIDEOUS dual sport touring rig ? ”

    I guess there’s no 2 WAYS about big dual sport rigs…they “MUST” be fugly, fat, bloated out of proportions BEASTS…IMHO…and let’s not forget “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”…so…lol.

    That been said…i would still take a Tractor-Tenere over any of the “current” offers. (^_^)

  • MikeD

    Something came back to me while reading on another board…The Dorsoduro 1200 got the stink eye when it came down to the MPG it was getting, it is said it is one THIRSTY BEAST…hope they improved upon that on this new application…or else. LOL.