The 2011 Pirelli Calendar is All Greek To Us

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In the calendar circles (yes apparently these groups exist), receiving the Pirelli Calendar is a sort of holy grail. Intended for friends and VIPs of the tire company, Pirelli employs elite fashion photographers and models for its annual, mixing the shine and gloss of high fashion with with dirt and grime motorsports, with a few naked women thrown in for good measure. Going with a Greco-Roman theme for 2011, Pirelli has tapped Karl Lagerfeld to shoot the calendar, with actress Julianne Moore playing the role of Hera. In total there are 21 models (16 female, 5 male) in 36 photos throughout the calendar’s pages. Because we know A&R readers are really into Greek mythology, a full cast list and some safe for work images are after the jump.

Safe for Work (no nudity) Images from the 2011 Pirelli Calendar

Pirelli Calendar 2011: the Cast
Images 1-2: HERA – Julianne Moore
Image 3: ZEUS – Brad Kroenig
Image 4: PENTHESILEA – Daria Werbowy
Image 5: AURORA – Heidi Mount
Image 6: AURORA – Heidi Mount
Image 7: APOLLO – Freja Beha Erichsen
Image 8: APOLLO – Freja Beha Erichsen
Image 9: THE NYMPH ECHO – Abbey Lee Kershaw
Image 10: THE NYMPH ECHO – Abbey Lee Kershaw
Image 11: ATHENA – Magdalena Frackowiak
Image 12: THREE BACCHANTES – Erin Wasson, Bianca Balti, Lakshmi Menon
Image 13: BACCHANTE – Bianca Balti
Image 14: BACCHUS AND TWO BACCHANTES – Garrett Neff, Isabeli Fontana, Bianca Balti
Image 15: FLORA – Elisa Sednaoui
Image 16: CASTOR AND POLLUX – Abbey Lee Kershaw, Freja Beha Erichsen
Image 17: NARCISSUS AND THE NYMPH ECHO – Elisa Sednaoui, Baptiste Giabiconi
Image 18: ATHENA – Iris Strubegger
Image 19: ATHENA – Iris Strubegger
Image 20: ACHILLES – Jake Davies
Image 21: ESTIA – Magdalena Frackowiak
Image 22: ESTIA – Magdalena Frackowiak
Image 23: AJAX – Erin Wasson
Image 24: MELPOMENE – Natasha Poly
Image 25: HADES – Jeneil Williams
Image 26: ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE – Freja Beha Erichsen, Abbey Lee Kershaw
Image 27: TERPSICHORE – Anja Rubik
Image 28: AMPHITRITE – Heidi Mount
Image 29: AMPHITRITE – Heidi Mount
Image 30 APOLLO – Baptiste Giabiconi
Image 31: APOLLO – Baptiste Giabiconi
Image 32: APHRODITE – Lara Stone
Image 33: APHRODITE AND MARS – Lara Stone, Sébastien Jondeau
Image 34: ARTEMIS – Daria Werbowy
Image 35: HERMES – Anja Rubik
Image 36: HERMES – Anja Rubik

Source: Autoblog