2011 Honda CBR250R MSRP Set at $3,999

12/01/2010 @ 2:39 pm, by Jensen Beeler18 COMMENTS

American Honda announced today the official pricing on the 2011 Honda CBR250R, the company’s 250cc beginner bike. With base pricing on the CBR250R starting at $3,999, the ABS equipped model will cost an additional $500, with an MSRP of $4,499. This price point goes right after the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, which is also sold for $3,999 MSRP. The Honda tips the scales a full 15 lbs lighter than the Kawi, and is equipped with fuel-injection.

We expect Honda’s strategy with the Mini-Me CBR is to offer more performance and features for the same price as the Kawi, which should make things in this part of the market very interesting (Aprilia is trying to play here too with its 125cc Aprilia RS4 125, which will likely cost more than these two bikes). Photos, video, and technical specifications of the new Honda CBR250R after the jump.

2011 Honda CBR250R / CBR250R ABS Technical Specifications:

Engine Type: 249.4cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore and Stroke: 76mm x 55mm
Compression ratio: 10.7:1
Valve Train: DOHC; four valves per cylinder
Induction: PGM-FI, 38mm throttle body
Ignition: Computer-controlled digital transistorized with electronic advance
Transmission: Six-speed

Front: 37mm fork
Rear: Pro-Link single shock with five positions of spring preload adjustability

Front: Single 296mm disc
Rear: Single 220mm disc
Optional ABS

Front: 110/70-17 radial
Rear: 140/70-17 radial

Wheelbase: 53.9 inches
Rake (Caster Angle): 25.0°
Trail: 95mm (3.74 inches)
Seat Height: 30.9 inches
Fuel Capacity: 3.4 gallons
Colors: Metallic Black, Red/Silver
Curb Weight*: 359 pounds / 368 pounds (ABS)

*Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel—ready to ride.

Source: Honda America

  • Tom

    If it exists at all, there must be only a razor thin profit margin on this bike as Honda is simply using this bike as a loss-leader to cultivate brand loyalty.

  • Maybe in the US market, but I don’t think that’s the case abroad.

  • Westward

    You can’t be serious. Autos and Motos are overpriced in general.

  • Westward


    Anyone know who makes the helmet in the commercial?

  • hero kerala

    american bikers lucky to have this with the price…so cheap…in Malaysia, i believe this bike’s price maybe around RM25000(usd 6+++) plus goverment tax etc…very expensive…poor malaysianbikers

  • I really like this CBR, but I would be very slow to embrace a single instead of the twin in the 250 Ninja. But I am thrilled to see Honda step up and get into this segment with something besides a Rebel or Shadow 250. Now if they REALLY wanted to make my day, bring the VTR250, the CB400 SuperFour, and the fabulous new CB1100 ! !

  • Sean in Oz

    Should be called a CB250R. CBRs, including the old CBR250R and CBR250RR, are inline 4s. A single cylinder 250 is a CB.

    Another commuter pretending to be a sports bike like the ‘Ninja’ 250!

  • ovd

    They should make a 800 twin that looks exactly like that. That will sell well.

  • BikePilot

    Nicely done Mr. Honda!

    Ovd, I’ll have mine in 1200cc and minus the bodywork thanks.

  • MikeD

    Looks kinda goofy, like the fairing and headlight don’t fit together… ‘ninja’ 250 looks better. Though I’m happy for Honda to be in the learner market.

  • MikeD

    I would rather HIT a Ninja 250, Suzuki TU250 or Yamaha WR250X(Pricey, I know,sigh ).

  • MikeD

    P.S: 2 MikeD’s. LMAO, SWEET.

  • Steve Lang

    Cute little thing…I think they’ll sell a million of em. Would like to see what it would do down hill on a tight twisty road. Looks lie it would be a lot of fun.

  • RobG

    This is such a GORGEOUS bike… but I’ve heard it running in one of their promo videos and it sounds awful. I would love to have one for a commuter, but I think I will wait til Kawi inevitably refreshes the Ninja 250.


  • I just saw one here in Bangkok. Absolutely rad and extremely tempting and gorgeous looking to me. Good luck Honda. Thanks, Paul V Bangkok

  • Mike C

    “We expect Honda’s strategy with the Mini-Me CBR is to offer more performance and features for the same price as the Kawi…”

    2 Things wrong with that statement.

    More performance? Sure if you consider being down 7hp more performance. Even with a little less weight and a little more torque, it’s not more powerful.

    Secondly, this thing is a mini VFR, not a mini CBR. Nothing about this bike makes it a CBR.

    That said, good for Honda for at least bringing a 250 to the market. More smaller bikes is a good thing.

  • Mike C

    EDIT ^^^

    Technically it wouldn’t be a VFR either. More like a CB250 as someone else said.