2010 VFR1200 Dual-Clutch Transmission Details

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As we edged closer to the official unveiling of the 2010 Honda VFR1200F, more details about the bike are starting to emerge. This latest detail confirms the rumor that the new VFR would be fitted with a dual-clutch transmission, making it the first motorcycle to incorporate such a gearbox design.

Similar to the DSG clutches found on Audi and Volkswagon cars, the Honda dual-clutch transmission will incorporate two clutches that alternate what gears they actuate, making for rapid shift times. Click past the break for pictures, video, and more on the VFR1200 transmission.

Honda says the new gearbox will increase performance and efficiency in the transmission, and that the rider can further modulate the dual-clutch’s performance by selecting from three different operation modes: D-Mode when regular automatic operation is desired, S-Mode for sportier performance, and a Manual Mode that works just like a traditional six-speed sequential gearbox.

While the VFR will be the first motorcycle in Honda’s line (as well as history) to get the dual-clutch transmission, they say it can easily be applied to other existing platforms, models, and motors already in Honda’s product line-up, and further adds that “Honda intends to gradually expand the deployment of the new transmission to more and more of its large-displacement motorcycles, particularly sports models destined for use in traditional large motorcycle markets.”

We read that to mean the CBR sportbike series. Woot.