MotoGP: Valentino Rossi Declared Fit to Race

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If you feel an unexpected breeze all of a sudden, that might be the collective sigh of relief emanating from Italy today, as Valentino Rossi was declared fit to race at this weekend’s Italian GP, at the Mugello circuit.

A&R readers will remember that Rossi injured himself while training on his motocross bike, mostly damaging his liver and kidneys during the crash (there is talk that he may have broken some ribs as well).

A very painful injury to sustain, coupled with Yamaha’s vague PR management, the situation had caused some worry that the nine-time world champion would not be at his home grand prix.

However, Movistar Yamaha issued a press release today, saying that FIM Medical Director, Dr. Giancarlo Di Filippo; the Chief Medical Officer of the Mugello Circuit, Dr. Remo Barbagli; and the MotoGP Medical Director, Dr. Angel Charte have found Rossi to be in a suitable condition to take part in the Italian GP.

It is still not clear how much Rossi’s injuries will hinder his performance this weekend, but we should get our first indications of his condition during Friday’s free practice sessions.

If one thing is for certain though, Valentino Rossi has shown tremendous grit in the latter stages of his career, and one is wise never to count him out from a strong performance. And too, his nickname is The Doctor, after all. That has to count for something.

Source: Movistar Yamaha