Ducati Debuts New Aero “Hammerhead” Fairing at Brno

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Ducati Corse has returned to using aerodynamic fairings, after packing up its “Hammerhead” design (as fans like to call it, Ducati not so much) at the preseason Qatar Test. As such, fans at the Czech GP were treated to the debut of a new fairing design at Brno.

Featuring on the Desmosedici GP of Jorge Lorenzo during free practice, the new aerodynamic fairing design is an evolution of Ducati’s original winglet shape and its preseason attempt at replicating the winglets efficacy, while still adhering to the set of rules in MotoGP, which ban winglets.

While the Hammerhead debuted to disappointing results, and thus has left Ducati Corse without an aerodynamic fairing so far this season, the new fairing design appears to be getting the nod from Lorenzo.

“In the afternoon we tried the new fairing and even though my final classification today was not what we hoped for, I’m really satisfied,” said Jorge Lorenzo, after Friday’s free practice sessions. They’ve done a great job in Ducati Corse!”

“In the end I didn’t use the new tyre, which would have allowed me to improve my time, but the most important thing was to understand the behaviour of the bike in this new configuration. We probably lose a bit in top speed, but by working well on the setting I’m sure that the new fairing has a lot of potential,” he continued.

Lorenzo’s comments suggest that Ducati still has a bit of honing to conduct on their base setup, in order to accommodate the aerodynamic forces that the new fairing creates, but the design appears otherwise to be ready for primetime.

The real indication of the new fairing’s effects will be revealed if Lorenzo continues using the aero aid during the Czech GP, and how quickly it lands on Andrea Dovizioso’s bike, as Dovi is in title contention for the MotoGP Championship, just six points behind current leader Marc Marquez.

Photos: Ducati Corse