This weekend marks the return of Grand Prix Motorcycle racing to the South American continent, and the MotoGP paddock is slowly making its long and arduous journey to the Autódromo Termas de Río Hondo.

Revamped in 2012, the MotoGP Championship had to pushback its 2013 plans, amid construction concerns and issues with a certain petroleum company having a beef with the Argentinean government.

That being said, MotoGP machines are in Argentina now (we hope), and will be on the circuit come Friday. We’ve already introduced to you the design of the Termas de Río Hondo circuit, now take a lap around the nearly three-mile circuit with former Grand Prix Champion Franco Uncini.

Source: Dromo

  • TexusTim

    I hope the asphault is in good shape for this weekend. some spots look funky

  • Grant Madden

    I was thinking,”hmmm,seems a bit slow.” Then I spotted the road worker and later dirt and a tanker so figures ,yeah,not prime surface.Wise decision to take it a bit easy I think.Must be not long after they had been working on the track.Maybe they still were by the looks of some places.Those corners go on and on and on.Cool :) Will be another great meeting.

  • ant

    will the concrete truck feature?

  • Jw

    The Austin circuit is a 1st class facility for riders and ticket buyers, yet had dismal attendance .

    This track looks dirty and on a cheap budget, has nothing really for the ticket buyer, no seats to enjoy the event. I hope the spectators are paying no more than 12 American to see this race. I would suspect about 30k attend

  • L2C

    I think that video was made just prior to completion of the track. A whole lot of work has probably been done since then. At least, I hope that is the case!

    Time to check Twitter for more recent photos.

  • conrice

    I hope they’ve found a way to keep the track clean… The GP guys that went there for testing said it was dirty too and construction was done by then. I know that video was done when it was under construction, but…damn…

    @Jw – Judging from the story yesterday about how geographically isolated the track is, I wouldn’t expect to see many people there regardless of how cheap it is.

    Let’s hope for a good race weekend.

  • L2C

    Is this the track that Laguna Seca lost out to? If so, it has some mighty big shoes to fill. Huge!

  • Jw

    Ya , I was thinking the same thing about Laguna

  • andrew

    I’d rather watch a GP at Laguna then any other track, especially this one.

  • The comments here just go to show how much the regular posers know about racetracks, about as much as they know about motorcycles, that is to say jack squat.

    After watching the race I can say without qualification, this is the best motorcycle track in Moto GP, far better than Laguna Seca, and probably up there in the top three tracks for motorcycle racing in the world.

    Makes me wonder if any of you mouth runners have ever actually taken a serious corner on a bike in your entire life, probably not.