This Zero FX Custom Supermoto by Huge Design Is Damn Tasty

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When it comes to attractive motorbikes, we have devoted some critical pixels towards the folks at Zero Motorcycles. Let’s be frank, the design side of the equation hasn’t historically been the brand’s strong suit. The company is making progress, however.

Now, when it comes to custom motorcycles, there has been a quiet resistance to using electric models as starting points for creation, though occasionally we see an electron-powered machine at a bike show that captures our attention.

Today though, we see the happy merger of those two thoughts, with this Zero FX custom supermoto by Huge Design, which debuted this weekend at the The One Motorcycle Show in Portland, Oregon, and was easily our favorite bike at the show. 

We have seen the marvelous work of Huge Design before, with the San Franciscan outfit known best for its treatment of the Honda CBR1000RR.

Like that project, the design for the Zero FX here is meant for mass consumption, and has been designed to be a direct bolt-on kit for owners of the electric bike.

The transformation is quite stark too, and most notably it does a remarkable job of hiding the giant rectangle shape of the bike’s battery pack, which has traditionally been an eyesore.

We especially like the work done to the headlight and tail light, which like the rest of the bodywork, is sleek, modern, and visually lightweight. All-in-all, it is hard to find fault with Huge Design’s work – “Build it!” we say.

Just about the only thing about this bike we don’t like are the Shinko slicks. We would prefer something a little bit more germane to the supermoto scene, but then again OEM tire choice has been one of the issues from Zero’s lineup from day one.

If you weren’t in Portland for the One Show, then we have a treat for you in the gallery below. Enjoy!

Photo: © 2019 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – All Rights Reserved