Yet Another Look at the Yamaha YZF-R25

05/14/2014 @ 11:54 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS


There is only a week until Yamaha reveals its 250cc sport bike, the Yamaha YZF-R25, but glimpses of the machine continue to make their way onto the internet. We skipped the completely unidentifiable tail light photos, but have already brought you some good looks at the YZF-R25’s front-end.

Today, we bring you an unfortunately low-resolution look at the R25’s profile, in its entirety. How will this Indonesian-made parallel-twin compare to bikes like of the Honda CBR250R and Kawasaki Ninja 250R? Only time will tell.

Though, we suspect that like the R125 that’s already popular in emerging markets, the R25 will draw heavily upon the popularity of MotoGP and Valentino Rossi in Southeast Asia, while being a fairly cheap machine to build and be a fairly reliable means of transportation in the aforementioned markets.

What perhaps will be most interesting is whether the news that Yamaha has been trademarking “R3” & “YZF-R3” in North America and Europe will mean a slightly bigger displacement machine for these markets.

Having to compete against the Honda CBR300R and Kawasaki Ninja 300 — not to mention the KTM RC390, if it ever arrives in the USA — Yamaha will need the extra cubic centimeters to stand a chance with this small-displacement warfare. May 20th, get here already!

Source: TMC Blog

  • aditya


    R125 is not popular in the emerging markets because R125 isn’t sold in these markets…you are thinking R15 (version 2.0). After the massive success of R15 (older version, 2008-11) in india, they released the version 2.0 (2011-) which had been redesigned and given proper sporty looks (R6-type) and had some small but important design and geometry changes to take it to a supersport level like the R125 is in europe as a beginner sportbike..that was then released into many emerging markets and that’s the one that’s quite a success here in india and some southeast asian and south american nations.. it is now also exported from india to australia,NZ and japan, which are advanced markets, as a entry level sportbike there in lieu of R125 which is a europe-only model.


  • taikebo

    looks nice from the every angle except the front. The headlamp is a bit ugly IMO.

    – 14,000 rpm
    – 2 cylinders
    – 90° firing order
    – lighter than ninja

  • ryanazzuchruf

    check this out . i think that the headlamp made a very different looks from many spyshoot before.

    it will be launch at toba lake, the largest lake in indonesia. thats the info i’ve been read last night.

  • Dishedot Inul Uenakkk

    actually…. there are 3 lamps in the front , the one in the middle is looks ridiculous to me …. considering there was only “minor change” for Ninja 250 FI, ( I Believe ) Kawasaki is planning ( /working ) with the all new Ninja 250 … could be produce in Indonesia, the country with the biggest sales, and of course to compete with R25 ….. time will tell :)

  • knalpot ninja 250

    Yamaha YZF R25 is my favourite bike