Yamaha MWT-9 Leaning Trike Concept Debuts in Tokyo

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As expected, Yamaha has a leaning multi-wheel concept at the Tokyo Motor Show for us to chew on. Without further ado, let us introduce to you the Yamaha MWT-9 leaning trike concept.

The key to understanding the MWT-9 is the number three. Three wheels to grip the road, three cylinders to power the engine, and three Predator movies to get the aesthetic jussssst right. Three groups of three makes nine, and blammo, you have the MWT-9.

In seriousness though, there is a lot to take in with the Yamaha MWT-9, once you get past its alien/insect/whatever-that-is look.

At the heart of the machine is what appears to be the Yamaha FZ-09’s engine, though Yamaha only lists it as an 849cc three-cylinder, instead of a 847cc triple.

Yamaha has apparently taken the front-end off of a Tricity scooter, and flipped it so that the double-upped forks are on the outside of the wheels, presumably for more stability and rigidity through turns. This front-end is a stark contrast to what Piaggio developed with the MP3 500 scooter.

Yamaha says it is exploring a new category with the MWT-9 concept, one that could latch onto the same idea put forth by the Polaris Slingshot: fun but different alternatives to two-wheeled vehicles.

Hopefully Yamaha pursues this concept further, as we wouldn’t mind giving one a go.






Source: Yamaha