Yamaha MWT-9 Leaning Trike Concept Debuts in Tokyo

10/28/2015 @ 1:18 am, by Jensen Beeler22 COMMENTS


As expected, Yamaha has a leaning multi-wheel concept at the Tokyo Motor Show for us to chew on. Without further ado, let us introduce to you the Yamaha MWT-9 leaning trike concept.

The key to understanding the MWT-9 is the number three. Three wheels to grip the road, three cylinders to power the engine, and three Predator movies to get the aesthetic jussssst right. Three groups of three makes nine, and blammo, you have the MWT-9.

In seriousness though, there is a lot to take in with the Yamaha MWT-9, once you get past its alien/insect/whatever-that-is look.

At the heart of the machine is what appears to be the Yamaha FZ-09’s engine, though Yamaha only lists it as an 849cc three-cylinder, instead of a 847cc triple.

Yamaha has apparently taken the front-end off of a Tricity scooter, and flipped it so that the double-upped forks are on the outside of the wheels, presumably for more stability and rigidity through turns. This front-end is a stark contrast to what Piaggio developed with the MP3 500 scooter.

Yamaha says it is exploring a new category with the MWT-9 concept, one that could latch onto the same idea put forth by the Polaris Slingshot: fun but different alternatives to two-wheeled vehicles.

Hopefully Yamaha pursues this concept further, as we wouldn’t mind giving one a go.






Source: Yamaha

  • Jason

    So Yamaha: When will this hit production? I’m seriously looking at a MP3 500 for commuting but I would much prefer a proper motorcycle.

    It should go without saying but this is 2015 so it MUST have ABS.

  • tony

    be afraid, be very afraid…

  • Jack Meoph

    Looks pretty stout. Duel shocks on both sides? I’ve ridden the MP3, and they’re fun. MOAR POWA is what they needed, especially the anemic 2fiddy. These new trikes could be an interesting addition to motorcycle manufacturers offerings. I’m sure they’ll draw in a lot of non-MC riding folks.

  • Jeremy Zerby

    I’d be interested in taking one for a spin. I don’t think I would give up two wheels in favor of this but could be a blast to scoot around on. Hopefully its design doesn’t make it excessively wide in comparison to a two-wheeled machine.

  • Eddie Smith

    I love the concept but is this bad industrial design, or the worst industrial design?

  • FrozenTexan

    What is the advantage of this?

  • James Bachhuber

    When I see people riding leaning trikes I just think, “Failure to commit.” Just ride a motorcycle!

  • Randy Pancetalk

    My GF has a Piaggio MP3 – the thing is a hoot and handles incredibly well. Problem is it is gutless and looks dorky.

    This Yammy looks badass.

  • paulus

    It reminds me of those freaky Parisian roller bladers, a Cirque du Soleil extra and/or a battle-damaged transformer. Not sure if I like it or hate it, LOL

  • Jeram Mallis

    dont really need ABS.

    I’ve tried lockup up the brakes on a 125 tricity and I struggle to

  • Jason

    When you hit gravel or a patch of oil in a turn the front end slides but the bike stays upright instead of washing out and crashing.

  • Jason

    That just means the tricity has weak brakes. Any bike with good brakes should be able to lock them up especially in the rain.

    I will not buy a motorcycle today that does not have EFI and ABS.

  • Jason

    How many leaning trikes do you see? The only one ever sold in the USA is the Piaggio MP3 scooter in various sizes.

  • Paul McM

    Hatchet job. This is not a logical design at all. Its merely an (ugly) two-wheeled front end awkwardly grafted to an MT09 (FZ09). Color me hugely disappointed. The three-wheeler should start from a clean slate so that it makes use of the potential advantages of the design (such as lower COG, very large rear tire, expanded storage space). I can just see the production meeting on this: “OK, we have 6 months to make a three-wheeler — and you’ve got to use 95% MT09 parts — just throw it together — on the cheap. Oh and make it look like a transformer.” Honestly, this is so lame from an engineering standpoint — it would be like Yamaha making a four-wheeled car by simply bolting two motorcycles together with horizontal cross-beams and tie-rods. What is the point in that? I do wonder if the Tuning Fork company has cured the MT09’s notorious fueling faults in this machine. If they have, then THAT might be worth taking about. Otherwise, this thing is an eyesore that misses the mark.

  • James Bachhuber

    Well trikes in general really. Harley trikes. That Polaris thing.

  • Jeram Mallis

    The tricities brakes have a very wooden feel, but pull the lever as hard as you can you it will pull you up very quickly.
    With double the contact patch, locking up the front really isnt an issue and even if it was, the tricity’s two front wheels would prevent you from lowsiding.

  • Jeram Mallis

    the only mt09 parts I see are the engine, swingarm and rear wheel.

  • Jason

    I have the same thought about traditional tricycle trikes. You take a motorcycle and make it less maneuverable and unstable. However, I understand some people can’t hold up a motorcycle at a stoplight.

    The Polaris Slingshot is a car that happens to have 3 wheels instead of 4. This allows Polaris to dodge a bunch of safety and emission regulations.

    Leaning trikes are a positive advancement of the motorcycle design. They address one of the key problems with motorcycles and have very few downsides. (Mostly just extra weight)

  • Jason

    Cars don’t lowside when the brakes lock either. That doesn’t mean ABS isn’t an advantage.

    Computers can modulate brakes faster and better than humans – end of story.

  • James Bachhuber

    Not the Slingshot, the Can Am Spyder – that’s what I was thinking of. I recognize that I don’t have any kind of rational objection to trikes, it’s just my gut reaction. I am cantankerous like that. It’s my way.

  • Max Pond

    Bring it and I’ll ride it!!

    Don’t care what the self-important traditionalists think, nor what the manly ‘gotta have two wheels…’ posers say. Heck, half Harley riders are only in it to wear the clothing and have some sort of identity.

    Just ride!!!

  • Bob

    The advantage is, that non-license holders, i.e. car drivers can ride them without taking their test !