The TVS Zeppelin, A Hybrid-Powered Cruiser Concept

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Regular Asphalt & Rubber readers should recognize the name TVS as the brand behind BMW’s small-displacement lineup of motorcycles, with the Indian firm also releasing its 300cc-class sport bike, the TVS Apache RR 310.

Here is another reasons to take notice of the TVS Motor Company though, as it just debuted a hybrid gas-electric cruiser concept, which not only is interesting from a technical perspective, but it looks pretty good too.

For the Western world, the TVS Zeppelin isn’t going to blow the doors off the market, at least not with the quoted specs, but TVS does have some clever ideas for the model.

Featuring a 220cc single-cylinder thumper of an engine, power is augmented by a 1200 watt electric drive system, drawing from a 48-volt battery.

The small electric drivetrain isn’t the most impressive, in terms of specs, that we have ever seen, but the fact that TVS is working on a hybrid drive system is an interesting point.

This is especially true since the motorcycle industry has pretty much turned a blind eye to the technology, when it comes to production machines.

Another item of interest is the integrated high-definition camera, which is mounted right next to the headlight. Overall the design looks rather appealing (see more photos of it on Zig Wheels), with the styling being fairly modern for the segment.

As with most concepts, it is hard to tell how serious TVS is about making the Zeppelin into a production machine. But, buzz out of India is pointing to this distinct possibility. Stay tuned…things could get interesting real quick.

Source: Zig Wheels

Jensen Beeler

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