At Triumph’s EICMA press presentation today, the British brand confirmed that it would have a small-displacement world market bike for the 2015 model year.

Showing a very sporty concept sketch of the machine, Triumph also confirmed that the model would have a single-cylinder engine, be 250cc in displacement, and be manufactured at the company’s new India facility.

The news confirms one of the worst-kept secrets in the industry, and puts Triumph in line with a slew of other brands (Honda, Kawasaki, & KTM to name a few) who are realizing that they need to adapt their model lineup to meet the global demand for motorcycles.

With Triumph recently investing in its manufacturing ability in Brazil and India, the new model will be the first motorcycle built with emerging markets in mind.

No word yet whether the machine will make it into European or American markets, but the idea of a 250cc thumper that looks like a Daytona is certainly appealing to our ears. 2015 can’t come soon enough.

Source: Triumph

  • Keith

    Sweet, kind of a pity they went the ‘no cojones’ Honda route and built a thumper…would have been much better with a triple or twin. But, what do I know.

  • Westward

    How about a triple 300cc…

  • Norm G.

    re: “How about a triple 300c”

    right then, $9,995.

  • thefundaddy

    Moto3, moto3, moto3….

  • Leo

    Harley, ktm, triumph and bmw models made in India … Is the EICMA 2014 in Mumbai instead of Milan????

  • BBQdog

    @Leo: why not, at least something new, totally fed up with all those same models coming out each year presented as ‘new’. Old wine in new bottles and getting heavier every year. Hope some manufacturer dares to bring out a REAL lightweight 250-350cc bike. Aprilia, Ducati, were are you in this light segment ??

  • BBQdog

    Addition: as long as it is not another 155+ kg 250cc bike, we already got enough of that !

  • TonyC

    I am glad Triumph is jumping into the small displacement segment, in place of Yamaha and Suzuki. In case they haven’t noticed, the 250 boat has sailed. How about a 300 or 350?

  • Tom

    I would agree that the 250cc is almost enough power for the US market. A 300/350 would work well at highway speeds (75mph/120kph) with enough extra power to pass OR cruise at elevation and not bog down.

  • mxs

    Your reasoning makes sense if you consider a bike a staple commuter vehicle … like many people in Asia and Europe do.

    In North America, a bike is a pure toy for 90% of owners, some of them happen to commute on it … so your statement would not hold much water in eyes of most NA market owners …. they would explain to you that there’s no such thing as enough power for US market.

  • mxs

    I also think that Triumph is very late to the party … in the end it will be just another 250 single, they will struggle to sell against other bikes already on the market.

    This moves makes no sense to me, especially if it takes them another 2 years????

  • Tom

    Honestly, I’m not sure how well small displacement motorcycle sell in the USA/North America market and if more small displacement motorcycles should be introduced here. I’m guessing the Ninja 250cc/300cc does decent sales numbers. I am in the market for buying a lightweight motorcycle in the 300-450cc single cylinder range, hopefully something will be available soon and be reasonably priced.

  • a tom

    The 390 Duke fits the light-weight thumper category quite well. Sure it’ll sell better than the 200 once it gets to the USA…

    Ducati – all they need to do is dust off their 400 L-twin (Monster 400, 400SS) & tune it to give somewhat more than the ~40-ish bhp it gets (please no thumpers). Perhaps a trellis frame update too, to drop the weight somewhat, rather than having the 400 be a poor cousin to a bike w a bigger engine…

    Anyway, back to Triumph… They just gotta hope it’s not late to the party. Will be interesting to see how this turns out.

  • paulus

    these are firmly aimed at the developing world.
    A starter ‘real bike’to get buyers onto the brand . 250-300 is still considered big in many nations.
    Triumph should do well (depending upon retail price)

  • Dery

    Not gonna sell well in Indonesia, in here the demand are for two cylinder or more, cbr 250 sell sunk in here

  • Jimbo

    Sadly its unlikely they would make a 250/300cc triple. There is an an “ideal size range” for pistons in an engine. Once a cylinder becomes too small its efficiency plummets, so you need it to be a thumper at that size.
    Also I agree with @MXS. I am a Brit so i cant speak with any authority on US motorcycling but from comments it does seem that they are leisure items for a lot of people. Triumph are just chasing sales with this bike so they need to optimise for India/China/Thailand/Indonesia where a 250 single is perfect for that market, cheapish to make and they can sell in vast quantities leveraging the Triumph Brand. Triumph look to be tackling the US with their expanded cruiser line up with the Commander and (call me cynical!) the cunningly named “America”!
    As a side note, being a Street Triple 675 owner (which I use for my daily commute and for countryside blasts) and a MotoGP fan I would love to see Triumph make some in roads to Moto3.