Custom “Thiverval” Ducati XDiavel by Fred Krugger

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The Ducati XDiavel was produced to better fit the needs of the typical cruiser rider, and to go after Harley-Davidson’s choke-hold on the cruiser demographic. The Italian machine has had mixed success in that regard, though it brings far more performance into the category than ever seen before.

Tapping more into the strong custom scene, the Bologna Brand has been looking to the talents of various well-known fabricators to build upon the XDiavel platform.

This time up is Belgium’s Fred Krugger, who has created this very intriguing “Thiverval” XDiavel model for the Bikers’ Classics event in Belgium.

Thiverval takes its name from a small race track on the outskirts of Paris, and takes on Krugger’s usual interesting style that is part modern and part retro.

His aesthetic is especially interesting on the XDiavel, a machine that itself brings a bit modernity to the heritage-focused demographic found in the cruiser market.

As such, Krugger’s body panels hide the XDiavel’s frame, with the Belgian instead bringing the viewer’s focus to the burly 1,262cc v-twin engine. You will still know that the Thiverval is a Ducati though, as the bike builder left the XDiavel headlight intact, for some brand continuity.

Ducatisti may also rejoice at the return of the undertail exhaust, though the overall design of the bike, especially the tail section, is likely to be a “love it or hate it” sort of affair.

Either way, the Thiverval is an interesting approach to the Ducati XDivael, which is exactly what you would expect from Krugger. Our thoughts on the bike still seem to be forming, how about yours?

Source: Ducati

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