Ducati draXter Concept Debuts in Verona

01/22/2016 @ 4:33 am, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS


Ducati is at this year’s Motor Bike Expo in Verona, and it has a bevy of concepts and customs it wants to show the world. The Italian brand’s trio of Sixty2 Scrambler concepts didn’t really spark our engine, but the Ducati draXter Concept is certainly of note and worthy of further scrutiny.

The Ducati XDiavel was Bologna’s big reveal at EICMA this year, and while the cruiser model wasn’t our cup of tea, we might have to change our tune with this decked-out version of the machine.

Ducati says that the draXter model interprets the XDiavel from a “sports” point-of-view, and the modifications made to the machine certainly do a good job of connoting a bike that leaps from the line.

We have to give credit to the Ducati Design Center’s Advanced Design area, which created the concept, as a part of the team’s ongoing duty of exploring future style and design concepts for the Italian brand.

To help make the draXter a bit sportier than its XDiavel sibling, Ducati has used the same suspension and brakes as the WSBK-spec Ducati Panigale R. OG Ducati fans will also appreciate the dry-clutch conversion and the Termignoni exhaust.

The yellow “90” decal on the fairings signals that 2016 is Ducati’s 90th anniversary, as the Italian brand was founded in 1926, when it began producing radio components. It wasn’t until after WWII that Ducati began making┬ámotorized two-wheelers though.

We can expect Ducati to make further ado about its nonagintennial. If they are as appealing as the draXter, this should be a very good year for Ducatisti.






Source: Ducati

  • ringadingdingding

    odd choice of music and style for the video. like they hired a film school student who really wanted to “explore a genre” regardless of the subject matter.

    regardless, good looking bike. id never buy one -but good looking.

    and the visual connection between the “X” in the logo and a drag chute is stupid at best. a parachute on a motorcycle?!

  • BlueS

    The footpeg placement give new meaning to “getting your knee down”….. I’m just plain tired of silly “design exercises” or silly “custom bikes” that have little or nothing to do with actual riding experiences…….

  • MrDefo

    Looks really cool. Is it just me, or does it look rather long wheelbase-wise for sport applications?

  • Bicho

    I suppose Dragracing needs long
    wheelbase and stretched out ergonomics…….but i was hoping theTermignoni was actually the tip of a turbo!Oh well,
    at least it looks better than the Diavolo…….

  • coreyvwc

    So… Are your feet supposed to go on the passenger pegs? Can a human actually ride this?

  • sigsegv

    Yes, you are supposed to ride horizontally: chest and belly
    against the tank, and butt up, like you would on the bike from the movie
    Tron. The pads on the tank are for the chest and the inside of the arms :P

  • Ryan Donahue

    Love it.

  • Go-Gurt Fan

    Am I to assume this is only for drag racing? I’m not saying this because of the ergonomics of the footpegs, or anything, but because one’s balls are going to be taking the brunt of any impact from a surprise pothole.

  • Alessandro Borroni

    fantastic design exercise, and excellent promo video. Bodes well for a production-based toned-down racy version of the xdiavel. Ducati is really exploring some great genres. good for them… good for us.

  • VRBL

    I just want to know if I can get THAT Termi’s exhaust for my Monster?!

  • n/a

    Looks like something you could source from a helicopter

  • paulus

    Will clean up in the global drag racing Orangutang demographic…. expect to see to see Macaws also using it to head to Starbucks….. All kidding aside, interesting concept, impractical ride.

  • I should be able to give you that answer soon.

  • Sydney Perth

    DraXt them sklounst

  • RedDragon99

    Suspension and brakes from the Panigale SUPERBIKE, not the 1299. Check those gas-charged forks and billet calipers, yo.

  • TNTinmymind

    Would be cool if they can make a streamliner out of this Draxter. Ship it to Mehmet Doruk Erdem asap!