It wasn’t too long ago that we showed you what appeared to be an updated KTM 1190 Adventure for the 2015 model year. The bike had all the bits that we’ve seen on the KTM 1190 Adventure R, though the Austrian brand had noticeably reworked the fairing to allow for more air to flow through the machine.

Getting a spy shot today though, we can understand the reason why, as the model is seen wearing a “KTM 1290 Super Adventure” livery, giving a nod to the likelihood that KTM has upgraded the Adventure with the Super Duke’s “beast” of a 1,301cc v-twin engine.

It’s not clear how much of the Super Duke’s 177hp will remain on the Super Adventure, though the idea of KTM blowing away the competition with a near 180hp ADV is the sort of crazy that we would expect from the Austrian brand.

With the pre-debut leak machine in full-swing, we can expect to see the KTM 1290 Super Adventure at the INTERMOT show in October. Will it completely replace the 1190 Adventure line, stand as a more premium option, or just melt our faces with awesomeness remains to be seen. As always, time will tell though. Thanks for the tip Jackie!

Source: KTMMania.net

  • MikeD


    AT LAST ! The “new” bikes are “leaking out” . . . LOL.

    Seriously now, im really happy that time of the Year is coming around again.

    Now I just need to hit the Lotto or get me some filthy rich sugar mama. These 2 wheeled SUVs are looking better and better every year that passes by.

    Maybe is just me getting old and lazy . . . yeah, that’s it, it has to be. : P

  • Bruce Wilken

    Mike D –

    You have read my mind!! I wait on pins and needles all summer, for the new bikes to start showing up in early fall. I’m also in the same boat with the lottery – I have a ‘wish list’ of new bikes that never seems to get below 20 models as time goes by! I have heard rumors of a remodeled Hayabusa for 2015, if only it could really happen!

    Ride on.


  • paulus

    More Orange awesomeness… wonder if there will be a Husky version in the near future ;)
    (preparing for attack and eventual Harley reference).

  • Renn

    180 bhp Adventure bike! Wow!!

    KTM will have big price to match also. If I was looking for an adventure bike I would look at the KTM and the BMW GS. However I know the BMW engine is capable of mega mileages. Would you want to do more then 30,000 miles in a KTM?

    I dont know why this bothers me.

  • Kaw4Life

    I think KTM is getting caught up in the bigger is better mentality.

    Kudos to anyone that can handle these monster bikes.