Spirit Motorcycles Debuts Potent Three-Cylinder Sport Bikes

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If you are having a hard time figuring out what to get that special motorcyclist in your life, let us suggest something from the recently formed Spirit Motorcycles brand.

The British marque’s first offering is a trio of motorcycles: the GP Street is a naked street bike, the GP Sport is its fully faired sibling, and the GP Corse R is the full-fledge track supersport machine.

The base model machines make 160hp from their three-cylinder engine, and tip the scales around the 320 lbs mark. But, if you want to spring for the R-spec models, you are looking at a 180hp and 309 lbs machine, sans fuel. Do we have your attention now?

To power their machines, Spirit is using a repurposed Triumph Daytona 675 engine, which has been boosted to 750cc by stroking out the triple. Engine compression has been modified to help boost power, as well.

Like many things on the Spirit lineup, the chassis is of note, as the chrom-moly steel tubes have been brazed-welded together, for added flex. Spirit says that the chassis steering angle, rake, and trail is fully adjustable. The swingarm is made from cast aluminum, and the fairings are carbon fiber.

To accompany the mechanical package, there is a robust electronics suite available. For the R-spec models, a Motec M130 ECU is used, which means that a wide variety of sensors and inputs can be added to the Sprit GP Corse R. Traction control, anti-wheelie control, and other rider aids are thus also available.

For a cool factor, the Spirit bikes can transmit data via a 4G cellphone connection, allowing for real-time data analysis and ECU adjustment.

Spirit says that it will make 50 units of each model, and the company even has plans to race in the British Supersport series. The Spirit GP Sport and GP Street models will start at £44,999. The Spirit Sport R however will cost £64,999 in its base form, while the Street R starts at £69,999.

These models can of course be built with added options and features that take the price even higher. Conversely, Spirit says that it would like to come out with a Scrambler model, which would be “more affordable” with its ~£20,000 price tag.

For race teams, the Spirit GP Corse R model will be made available this winter, before testing time in January 2017. There is no word on pricing for these models, but if you have to ask…



















Source: Spirit Motorcycles