Video: Radical Ducati RAD02 Pursang

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If you’ve ever gotten a mouthful of hairspray before (we were awkward children growing up), then you surely know the need to get a bad taste out of your mouth. Helping us get over our magnificient indifference regarding Husqvarna’s latest video is this short clip from our friends over in Spain, Radical Ducati. In case you haven’t heard of these guys, they take junked-out Ducatis (typically air-cooled), do a bit of a parts bin mash-up, and create eye-catching pieces of two-wheeled goodness for all of us to enjoy.

Their designs are cleverly creative and very pleasing on the retinal units, but yet also have a certain gritty quality that makes for a good juxtaposition to the prim and proper Ducati brand. As for the video, its does a pretty good job of showing the Radical Ducati RAD02 Pursang sitting there and looking pretty, though the go-fast addict in us really wants to see the Radical Ducati RAD 02 Corsa EVO make some laps around (insert famous Spanish circuit here). Ehh boys? Video and photos after the jump.

Radical Ducati RAD02 Pursang Build Spec’s:

  • Frame Cromomolibdeno RAD02
  • S2R Swingarm
  • Marchesini Wheels Forged Aluminum
  • RAD Ergal Triple Clamps
  • Rizoma Handlebar Risers
  • Ohlins Fork
  • MT03 Front Light
  • Brake Rotors Calipers Discacciati and Radial Pump
  • Multistrada 1100 engine, ported Heads, Camshafts DP, NCR Titanium Big Valves, Dry Clutch Antihooping EVR
  • Keihin FCR41 Carburators
  • 2 -into-1 Wolfman Exhaust System
  • SPARK Megaphone
  • Ohlins Rear Shock
  • RAD Height Rod
  • RAD02 Aluminum Fuel Tank
  • RAD02 Corsa Evo Carbon Fiber Seat Only
  • RAD LED Rear Light
  • Led Blinkers
  • Rizoma Rearsets
  • Radial Clutch Discacciati Puma
  • EVR Clutch Actuator
  • Oil 10W60 Bardah XT4