Radical Ducati 7½ Sportiva

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It has been a while since we posted about those crazy Spaniards at Radical Ducati, but long-time readers will remember fondly the exquisite custom motorcycles that Pepo and Reyes have created from the various pieces of Ducati’s finest.

It is hard to pick a favorite from machines like the Radical Ducati RAD02 Imola Cafe Racer, Radical Ducati Café Veloce, Radical Ducati Mikaracer, Radical Ducati Raceric, and Radical Ducati RAD 02 Corsa EVO, but our moto-lust keeps bringing us back to the Radical Ducati 9½ – a café racer styled motorcycle that uses an ST2 motor, a Monster 900 frame, and a 916 fuel tank and swingarm.

Getting its name from the ST2’s 944cc engine displacement, the 9½’s designation should tip-off where the Spanish firm has gone in its creation with the Radical Ducati 7½ Sportiva. Another water-cooled machine, the 7½ Sportiva ups the ante with the Ducati Superbike 749R taking the honor as its donor bike, while still remaining true to its predecessor’s café racer look and feel.

Surely a peppy machine, we doubt anyone at Borgo Panigale imagined that a 749R would one day take the form created here by Radical Ducati, which once again only proves how appropriate of a name the company has given itself. Our new favorite machine from the boys from Madrid? Hmm…quite possibly, quite possibly.






Radical Ducati 7 ½ Sportiva Build List:

  • Donor bike : 749 R’04
  • RAD 02 montjuich aluminium front bracket modified.
  • RAD 02 montjuich aluminium rear subframe.
  • Hand made licence plate support.
  • Montesa rear light.
  • 749 R original fuel tank.
  • RAD 02 fiberglass montjuich solo seat.
  • RAD fiber glass front fairing.
  • 10 cm diameter front light with high/low beam , endurance type.
  • RAD blinkers.
  • LIPO Batery.
  • Repositioned electrical wiring, ECU and regulator.
  • Ohlins front fork
  • Ohlins rear schock
  • Rear brake caliper go down position
  • SP regulable ergal footrest
  • Carbon fiber front mudguard
  • Carbon fiber rear mudguard
  • Carbon fiber side swingaram protectors
  • Carbon fiber belt covers
  • Carbon fiber water pump protectors
  • Magnesium head covers
  • EVR CTS antihoping clutch
  • EVR slave piston
  • Brembo radial calipers,rotors
  • Brembo PR 19 radial brake pump
  • Quick open throttle Acossato
  • WOLFMAN 2 in 1 exhaust system with SPARK omologated megaphone
  • Modified air funnels
  • 749 R engine

Source: Radical Ducati; Photos: DEL PERRO