Pint-Sized Honda 150SS RACER Debuts in Bangkok

03/29/2017 @ 1:06 pm, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS

The Honda Grom was a huge success, no one can discount that. The pint-sized two-wheeler is ideal for developing countries that need cheap and versatile people-movers (on a budget).

And, the Grom has also shown similar success in markets like the United States and Europe, where it is considered a fun and unassuming motorcycle to add to the garage.

Seeing that success, Honda has been trying to tapp that same vein with its latest batch of concept creations. So today, we bring that latest effort, the Honda 150SS RACER concept, which is like the Grom’s cafe-racing sibling from the neo-retro future.

Unveiled in Bangkok by Honda Thailand, the 150SS RACER looks like it is ready for its wedding day, as it is sporting something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

The Honda 150SS RACER borrows heavily from the heritage trend that we have seen in the industry – disc wheels are mated to solid brake rotors, a side-mounted number plate is visible, and of course there is the iconic round headlight at the front of the machine.

To its credit though, Honda has done a good job of mixing in very modern design elements with these classical staples, and there are enough angles in the bodywork to remind us that this is a new machine, from the near future. There is a full-glass cockpit as well, along with a forward-facing gyrocam on the tail section, so there is good technology progression here too.

Depending on who you ask, the Honda 150SS RACER borrows a 150cc single-cylinder engine from either the Honda CBR150R or the Honda Grom, which is a bit of spread performance-wise, but either engine will still fit the neo-racer machine into the same target segment.

There are a few interesting eye-catching bits on the Honda 150SS RACER concept. The low-mounted megaphone exhaust is an interesting touch, though perhaps a bit ambitious with only 150cc of engine flowing through it. The blue accents are a nice touch too, and give the bike a Tron feel, of sorts.

Time will tell as to whether the Honda 150SS RACER comes to reality, but it certainly provides an interesting insight into where Big Red’s head is right now.

Source: Honda Thailand

  • Fidel Cash-Flow


  • sigsegv

    Nice-ish, especially the headlight. If and when it will reach production, it will look nothing like this.
    I’m still waiting for that Grom-based 50cc scrambler concept to materialize in a production model (in 125cc format).

  • PAra

    They have to make this !

  • MikeD

    TRON too was my first thought.
    The engine IT’S NOT from the Grom. This thing got a fancy W/C & DOHC.
    Grom’s mill it’s very basic.

  • coreyvwc

    Do you mean to tell me that Honda actually made something current and stylish?
    Surely some other manufacturer must be responsible for this.

  • Sydney Perth


  • TB

    I need this in my life…

  • paulus

    What may not be obvious is that this is a Grom sized body, mated to regular sized wheels. Honda Asia has lost a lot of sales to the Yamaha M-Slaz… this is a model aimed squarely at it. It seems to have the CBR150 water cooled engine unit. Would be a nice bike if not too much is lost in the transition to production model.

  • MTCZ

    つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  • PeteN95

    Hmmmm….that does look like the CBR150R DOHC lump:

    And 17″ wheels! Looks like kart track fun!? :)

  • madchilli

    Perfect for London.

  • Very inviting and very blue to the core!

    Hey, doesn’t Yamaha have Blue Core Technology!

  • Westward

    I would buy one now…

  • Krylov

    The question is: Will there be enough potential customes willing to pay premium money for a 150 ccm naked with all the niceties (carbon parts, usd fork, machined aluminium parts, LED lights,…) shown here on display?
    I would rather think not, so chances are that this concept will be watered down, i.e. made cheaper to produce losing a lot of the fancy details, just until the result is another mediocre looking small displacement bike on the market. Anyone in for that? I think I’ll pass…

  • paulus

    For sure, it will be watered down… I mean production engineered, but even the budget bikes now can come with USD forks and nice styling… so, there is hope it wont lose too much flavour