One of the nice things about actually going to motorcycle events, instead of phoning it in like many publications seem to do these days, is that you get to see all the treasure trove items that didn’t find their way onto some press release mill for mass consumption.

Such is the case of the Pierobon X60R, a custom sportbike that will surely cause some revisions to your Christmas wish list to Santa. We’ve featured Pierobon’s work before, with the Bologna company’s Pierobon F042 causing quite a stir earlier this year.

Like the F042, the Pierobon X60R features an air-cooled Ducati v-twin power plant, and the tuning firm’s own proprietary chassis design. There are plenty of performance parts and carbon fiber to drool over, and the design strikes as one that would have occurred had Ducati made a true air-cooled sportbike.

With Pierbon’s extensive experience in the racing scene, we can imagine how much fun an X60R would be on the track, we’ll just have to wait and see if a street model also makes a debut. If you’re a Ducatista and want to stand out from the cappuccino crowd, there are some photos after the jump that might interest you.

Pierobon X60R Studio Photos:

Blurry Pierobon X60R A&R EICMA Photos:

Source/Studio Photos: Pierobon
Blurry Photos: Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0

  • KDubya

    What’s not to like? Perhaps the lack of lights and turn signals.

  • I just can’t get into the fuel tank design – looks to be the same piece from the F042. They definitely improved the bodywork design over the F042, but the fuel tank is still terrible. Looks untouched from the F042 project. I never though it looked right on the F042 and no it really doesn’t look right with that nice little tail.

    In the end who really cares about the tank design – would probably be hard to find a bike that is more fun to ride!

  • Minibull

    Strap a torch on the front and use your arms to indicate :P

  • CarpeDNA

    We raced an F042 built by Boulder Motor Sports this year in the CMRA and it never lost a race in heavyweight twins and was very competitive in C Superbike. I have sent the bike back to Brian at Boulder Motor Sports to have the X60R “conversion” which is mainly cosmetic but has some neato goodies under the hood. It is already an ultra-precise machine and I can’t wait to have it back! It is such a fine machine to ride!

  • If you and the X60R find yourselves in California, just remember sharing is caring…especially with your favorite motorcycle blog.

  • CarpeDNA

    We’ve got relatives in California. Maybe so!

  • MikeD

    I for one like the “sperm whale head” shape & color of the fuel tank…lol.
    That been said, good looking bike and all but not my thing…congrats to the lucky owner(s).

  • Mark Heinrich

    Seat pad still has the F042 insignia, so the family resemblance is not denied.

  • Lewis C

    The tank would look great with a rider in place. Beautiful.