“Overclocked” Alta Motors Redshift EXR Enduro Debuts

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It was four months ago that Alta Motors updated its Redshift lineup with the more potent Redshift MXR electric motocross bike, and from that moment we have been waiting for the other shoe to drop.

This week it has, as Alta Motors is showing off the Redshift EXR, a road-legal dual-sport for enduro fans, which just became the first electric motorcycle to qualify for the Erzberg Rodeo hard enduro event in Austria.

The formula for the 2019 Alta Motors Redshift EXR is fairly simple, as it takes the current Redshift EX enduro model, and adds the drivetrain upgrades that debuted with Redshift MXR model.

This means more power (50hp), more torque (42 lbs•ft), less weight (273 lbs), and of course the “overclocking” mode for when a trail truly needs to be shredded. The recharge time has also been improved too, down to 1.5hrs on a 240-volt circuit – win, win, win.

Pricing for the Alta Motors Redshift EXR is set at $12,495 MSRP at the time of this writing, which is oddly $500 cheaper than the outgoing EX model.

We are not sure if that is a typo on Alta’s part, but the price does reflect a $500 premium over the Redshift MXR, which is a pretty good deal when you consider that the Redshift EXR can be plated in all 50 states.

It goes without saying, Alta still commands a price premium over similar thermic machines in this space, with the similarly spec Honda CRF450L coming with a $10,399 price tag.

Of note though, the 2019 Alta Motors Redshift EXR should be an improvement in every category for the Californian brand’s enduro offering, and as we have seen in Austria, the bike is truly capable in the off-road gnar-gnar (we’re a street bike publication, are we saying that right?).

The big question now is whether we will see an Alta Motors Redshift SMR debut this year as well.

Our Bothan spies have indicated that there is some debate at Alta as to whether the supermoto model will get the R-pack treatment, as the supermoto market is very small, and the Redshift platform is not well suited as a commuter bike, primarily because of range.

As we are fond of saying, time will tell.

Other Technical Specs of the 2019 Alta Motors Redshift EXR:

Top Speed   71 MPH
Power 50hp, 42 ft-lbs
Charge Time  1.5 Hrs (240v) / 3 Hrs (120v)
Front Tire Metzeler 6 Days 80/100-21
Rear Tire Metzeler 6 Days 120/90-18
Forks WP Xplor 48
Shock WP Alta Custom Spec
Front Brake Brembo 260mm rotor, Brembo dual piston caliper Brembo 220mm rotor, Brembo single piston caliper 273 pounds
Rear Brake 58.75 in
Curb Weight (wet) Wheelbase  36.5 in
Seat Height Rake 26.3°
Trail 113 mm
Triple Clamp 18/22 mm adj
 Handguards  Cycra Stealth

Source: Alta Motors