KTM SMX-E Imagined by Piers SP

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As we already know, the KTM Freeride E will be out in 2012 in limited numbers, as the Austrian brand tests the waters on the electric dirt bike market. Building an electric not because they believe in the technology’s immediate relevancy, but because they believe in its future and want to continue being a market leader, KTM is the first big motorcycle OEM to bring an electric motorcycle to market. Giving Zero Motorcycles (and soon Brammo & BRD) a run for its money, the KTM Freeride E is a modest design with its 30hp (peak) PERM motor and 2.1 kWh battery pack.

As a dyed-in-the-wool street biker, I was a bit disappointed that KTM was only bringing the Freeride E out as a dirt bike, with no supermoto variation available. Thankfully I was not alone in that sentiment, as Kiska Senior Pixel Pusher Piers SP also longed for an electric Austrian backing-it-in machine. The difference of course is that as a blogger, I have no concept of creating something of my own (that’s moto-journo humor right there folks), while Piers SP is a zen voodoo digital samurai (truth). Needless to say, photoshopping ensued.

Before any phone calls get made, we should be clear that this concept sketch is Piers SP’s work alone, and was not commissioned by KTM nor assigned by Kiska, or as Piers would say, “it is just a bike I would like. A day dream.” We’ve featured some of his other day dreams here before on A&R, and his concept of an electric KTM SMX-E is what the professionals would succinctly call “awesome”. KTM has a bit farther to go with the Freeride E before we can start hoping for a street-ready motard version (that is assuming of course that one of the dirt bikes doesn’t get converted by an intrepid owner).

Still, if an actual KTM SMX-E is half as fun as the BRD RedShift SM was when we tested the prototype version at Infineon Raceway last year, KTM would easily find homes for its electric line-up. Hopefully the Austrians stay serious about electrics, and for the love of god put some more battery power in their future offerings.

Source: derestricted