Come Drool Over “Kahn” by Mehmet Doruk Erdem

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Regular readers of Asphalt & Rubber by now should be well aware of my unrequited love for dustbin-style motorcycles. A&R diehards should also recognize the work of Mehmet Doruk Erdem, as the Turkish designer has penned more than a few concepts that have gone viral on the internet.

Today we have another of Erdem’s work for you to consider, a BMW-powered dustbin that is simply named “Kahn”. Based on the Bavarian brand’s twin-cylinder boxer engine, Erdem once again creates an eye-catching shell to house the mechanics of the machine, and hide them from the wind.

An eagle-eyed viewer will note a few similarities between Kahn and Erdem’s other most-recent work, which was called “Alpha” and also powered by a BMW engine.

If you think these concepts are just for computer screens, we should remind our readers that Alpha is current making the rounds as a show bike, and getting very positive reviews in the process.

The more I look at Kahn, the more I like the design. It brings that modern-meets-retro look that I have been appreciating lately, and the flowing body work reminds me of wasps body. How does it strike you?

Source: Inazuma Cafe

Jensen Beeler

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