More Modern Streamliners by Mehmet Doruk Erdem

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Continuing our thoughts from last week about streamliner designs, there are a few more concepts from Mehmet Doruk Erdem that are worth sharing.

While the Turksih designer’s BMW “Apollo” streamliner is a more stylized version of the designs we are accustomed to, his Eternity, Alpha, and Spirito concepts tread more into the futuristic realm, and are our subjects for today.

Before we get to the renders themselves though, it is of note that Erdem’s concepts relate to car manufacturers, thus leading us to the idea that at some point the quest by automakers to make small and efficient vehicles will lead them eventually down a two-wheeled road.

Mercedes-Benz Eternity Concept:


First up is the Mercedes-Benz Eternity concept, with its massive front grill holding the tri-star logo of the German marque. This might be our favorite design of the three, probably because we are suckers for the retro SLR styling.

Like the other designs, the seating position is impractical (not to mention that the ground clearance is impossible), though it connotes a sleek and fast machine that would find itself perfectly at home on the Bonneville salt flats.

BMW Alpha Concept:


Another BMW concept, Erdem’s Alpha has an impressive front fairing, though the rear half of the design seems like an after-thought. Still, the sleek and menacing dustbin gives the bike a strong stance.

While it is hard to imagine this as a product that would come from BMW Motorrad (whereas the Apollo seems like something within the realm of possibility), the Alpha seems morel like a project that BMW’s automotive side would dream-up. It is therefore interesting to think about how two divisions from the same company would approach such a similar project with different design languages.

Alfa Romeo Spirito Concept:


The Spirito has another prominent front grill, much like a car, which helps draw for the viewer a clear line to its Alfa Romeo nameplate.

For us though, the concept reminds us of the air-racing airplanes of the 1930’s, with its long sweeping body and refined seamless lines. Surely Erdem is drawing inspiration from airplanes, with the Eternity concept featuring a wing,.

However, where Eternity’s design ends in a vertical stabilizer, the Spirito ends with the protruding rear tire. It probably doesn’t help things in the go-fast department, but it is an interesting design choice that helps balance the rear-end of the motorcycle with its massive front.

While all three of these concepts probably wouldn’t cut it in the practical world, motorcycling would benefit from a designer who could find the balance between these streamliner designs, and make one work under the rigors of real world application.

How do these bikes strike your fancy?

Source: Inazuma Cafe Racer

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