Honda Riding Assist-e Concept Will Debut in Tokyo

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What you are looking at is the Honda Riding Assist-e, a motorcycle concept that Big Red will be debuting at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, which starts next month.

Honda isn’t saying too much about the Riding Assist-e, but the main purpose seems to be showing off the company’s self-balancing control technology, which keeps the motorcycle upright by moving the front wheel.

This isn’t that different from the Honda Riding Assist concept from earlier this year, with an added “e” of course in the name. That designation of course is for  the electric drivetrain that the concept is sporting.

The Honda Riding Assist-e concept is interesting as a motorcycle, but more intriguing is the technology and what motorcycles it could land on, in Honda’s lineup.

With Honda expected to show-off a new Gold Wing later next month (around the same time the Honda Riding Assist-e will debut in Tokyo), we can easily see the Japanese manufacturer including its balancing technology on the large touring motorcycle – perhaps during a mid-cycle refresh.

As for the electric drivetrain, that seems like good common sense, with the future of internal combustion seemingly at its end. Check out the video below of Honda’s Riding assist mode in action:

Source: Honda

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