Honda Debuts Self-Balancing Motorcycle Concept

01/05/2017 @ 1:15 pm, by Jensen Beeler22 COMMENTS

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is underway in Las Vegas right now, and while usually the event doesn’t have much overlap with the motorcycle industry, Honda has decided to use CES to unveil its “Riding Assist” technology.

Honda Riding Assist is basically a creative technology package that allows a motorcycle to self-balance, without the use of gyroscopes.

Honda achieves this by raking out the motorcycle’s front forks, and then balances the motorcycle by moving the front wheel back and forth – like you’ve probably seen skilled cyclists do at traffic lights.

Big Red says that its work with making the Honda UNI-CUB (the very last photo, below) helped create the balancing technology for two-wheelers, and as we can see in the video below, the Japanese brand has some clever implementations of its tech, including a mode where the motorcycle can follow you.

There’s no word on when/if Honda will bring its Riding Assist technology to production machines, though we think it’s telling that we see it implemented on a concept that’s based off the NC750 platform – an urban focused chassis that’s used in a number of Honda motorcycles and scooters.

Source: Honda

  • Dustin Nisbet-Jones

    The video is seriously cool. What a neat technology.

  • I don’t know what I’d do with “Puppy Mode”, but I’m sold on it.

  • Doctor Jelly

    Take it to the park?

  • proudAmerican702

    “Stop following me!!”

    “I’m sorry Dave. I can’t do that.”


    Kickstands uh….

  • I FINALLY WIN!!!! Good talk. See you out there.

  • Dustin Nisbet-Jones

    You could take your bike out during snowmageddon!

  • Nick Moore

    Really amazing tech……not something I would want but super cool.

    I wonder if this can play into the Yamaha droid that rides a moto? Battle of the bots?

  • Bruce Steever
  • n/a


  • Domenick Schulz

    Have it carry tires for you at the track?

  • TB

    “Hi Dave, While you were on your computer this morning I took myself out for a ride on your favourite roads. I hope it gave you more time to sit on the internet and post comments on your favourite websites. You’re welcome.”

  • paulus

    Unholy affront to the spirit of motorcycling… kill it with fire! ;-)

  • randybsinger

    While I find this technology to be ridiculously cool, it brings up all sorts of questions. I note that the handlebars don’t move while the bike is moving the front wheel all around. What is the effect of rider input while the bike is doing its own thing? Will there be a conflict?

    Also, if someone isn’t coordinated enough to balance a bike, should they even be allowed to ride one? I taught the MSF course for 15 years. There were extremely few folks who couldn’t balance a motorcycle to come through the course. And of the extremely few who couldn’t, if might have been best if they didn’t have a driver’s license at all. I’m not sure if using technology to encourage these folks to be on the road…let alone on a motorcycle…is a good idea.

  • TB

    I predict an increase in trackday riders standing up to pull their leathers out of their bumcheeks like Rossi while riding out of the pits after this goes on the next fireblade.

  • Mitchel Durnell

    *me watching this video* pretty neat, does what it says

  • i want a pet motorcycle!

  • Ulysses Araujo

    That was also said about ABS, traction control etc. While I agree riders must have a minimum set of skills, the real uses for this kind of tech are: (1) older riders (the other Honda gizmo is made for assisting eldery, special needs people etc and it’s also a nice piece of tech) – yes, if I need a self-balancing motorcycle to keep riding when I’m old so be it, better than a trike lol; (2) when s#%& hits the fan, all is well until you stop somewhere and your boot slips…

  • Ulysses Araujo

    Honda – making sure the BMW self-balancing concept scheduled to 100 years later comes the next decade. :)


  • chris

    the days of whistling for your horse to stand in the right spot as you jump out of a balcony with a bag full of cash and ride into the sunset ARE UPON US.

  • fzrider

    The video should be titled “Balance Assist”.

  • Gary

    Why even ride a motorcycle…