Watch the Honda CR Electric Prototype in Action…Sort Of

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The Honda CR Electric prototype is perhaps one of the biggest stories we have seen so far this year, as it shows a very serious effort by the Japanese brand to bring an electric model to one of its most important motorcycle segments.

Very few photos and details made it out of Tokyo when the Honda CR Electric prototype, except for our rather in-depth analysis of the bike for our A&R Pro readers. If you will allow the modest plug, that story itself is worth the modest price of admission that helps support the site.

Back to the machine, we have a little more news to report, as we have proof that the electric dirt bike is indeed a runner, as the motorcycle took some exhibition laps at the first round of the All Japan Motocross Championship.

The laps are pretty tentative though, and more of a parade than a show of what the new Honda is capable of doing with its electric drivetrain.

This makes it difficult to decipher how potent and how far long Honda is with its electric dirt bike design, but as we noted in our earlier story, the Japanese brand looks quite far along with its partnership with Mugen.

Relying on the closely related tuning house for its expertise in electric drivetrains, which have been honed at the Isle of Man TT, the symbiotic relationship has been an interesting one to watch Honda manage.

Nowhere is this more obvious than the dual-release of the Honda CR Electric prototype and the Mugen T.Rex, both of which broke cover at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show a few hours apart.

Both bikes share the same platform, though are skinned in very different bodywork. The Honda is…well, very Honda. However, the Mugen shows a more futuristic design that looks quite handsome.

Which bike will the motocross rider of the future ride, we wonder.

Source: MFJ Live (YouTube)


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