Take a Lap at Losail with Leon Haslam on the Honda CBR1000RR-R

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Trying to bring you as many breaks from the coronavirus news as possible, today’s installment features the Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade. A new superbike for the 2020 model year, the venerable Blade earns its extra “R” by being the most potent liter-bike ever produced by the Japanese brand.

Already showing itself to be capable on the race track, we have high hopes for the machine when it finally comes to the USA later this summer.

Until then, we will mostly have to suffice ourselves on spec-sheet items, like the 215hp (160 kW) inline four-cylinder engine, which makes 83 lbs•ft of peak torque; the pod of aerodynamic winglets on each side of the fairing; and the wet weight of 443 lbs (201 kg) .

Giving us a little bit more inspiration thoguh, Honda does have a treat for us, in that they have sent out Leon Haslam on the machine at the Qatar circuit, and had the WorldSBK rider walk us through the racing line at the Losail International Circuit, in a video.

It is always interesting to hear the track notes from a top-level rider, though we do have to admit, we almost didn’t share this video because of Honda’s silly picture-in-picture video that they edited into the onboard.

The edits are super distracting, and come from footage shot during media shoot, not the hot-lap itself. Still, we think you will enjoy the lap with Haslam, and it should serve as a good starting point if you ever get a chance to ride at Losail.

Source: Honda Motor Europe

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