Mega Gallery: Ducati Panigale V4 S Circa 2020 at Bahrain

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Is there too much coronavirus in your motorcycle inbox?  Have you shot a complete stranger a dirty look because they sneezed in public? Are you doing that ridiculous foot greeting thing instead of shaking hands?

Let’s take a break from what will surely become the zombie apocalypse, and allow us this two-wheeled distraction designed to get your pulse racing in a way that won’t land you in quarantine zone.

Accordingly, we have over 100 high-resolution photos of the 2020 Ducati Panigale V4 to drool over, straight from the bike’s launch at the Bahrain International Circuit.

Updated for the 2020 model year with the very obvious addition of winglets and fairing gils, the Ducati Panigale V4 remains a 211hp (157.5 kW) bullet in red.

However, there are changes to the machine for the new year that are a bit harder to spot, including a change to the forward frame, which aims to make the chassis less rigid and provide more front-end feel.

The center of gravity on the Panigale V4 has also been made 5mm higher, for more leverage while turning. Meanwhile, the spring stiffness has also been modified, as has the traction control package which now uses Ducati’s new EVO2 system.

Quite the tasty dish for your motorcycle appetite today, we are taking requests for tomorrow’s installment. We will get through this global pandemic together, and we will do it with motorcycles. Enjoy!

Source: Ducati

Jensen Beeler

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