Don’t Say Streetfighter, Harley-Davidson Bronx Gets Better Defined

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We have been giving Harley-Davidson a hard time about calling its new 950cc roadster model a “streetfighter” when the bike obviously not up to the task, and it seems the American brand has been listening.

Renaming the Streetfighter model now the Harley-Davidson Bronx, this 975cc street bike seems more suited to its name, especially now that the Bar & Shield brand is willing to talk more about details.

While still expected to be a (late) 2020 model motorcycle (so 2021?), it is surprising that Harley-Davidson didn’t debut the production-ready Bronx at EICMA (or any of the other trade shows this season). And with less than a year from its release, we have only a handful of specifics about this bike, many of which Harley-Davidson just sent out.

Here is what we know so far. The Harley-Davidson Bronx will use a 60° water-cooled v-twin motor, that will be named the Revolution Max 975, and it will produce more than 115hp (86 kW) with more than 70 lbs•ft (95 Nm) of torque.

The bike has an interesting design when you see it up-close, and now that the model is unshackled from its “Streetfighter” nomenclature, its roadster looks and positioning can shine through a bit more.

Truthfully, we think Harley-Davidson hit the nail on the head with the Bronx name. Give that marketer a raise…no wait, just give them a month’s salary out pocked of whoever was pushing for the Streetfighter designation.

Sadly, we know that we have close to another year of Harley-Davidson dripping out information on the Bronx and Pan America motorcycles, which is just insane to think about considering how long the run-up process has been to this point.

If they are not careful, the Bar & Shield brand might find that new model fatigue has set in on its new non-cruiser motorcycles, which will surely have the opposite effect for the company’s hoped-for future.

Source: Harley-Davidson

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