The Ducati 1199 Superleggera is finally here, Ducati’s exclusive 500 customers are starting to receive their bikes, and Ducatista around the world are acting like its Christmas in May. We can’t blame them; after all, the Superleggera is a rolling showcase of what the engineers at Borgo Panigale can do with a street-legal machine.

Our friends at Moto Corsa were lucky enough to get three fine specimens in the first wave of deliveries — the Portland, Oregon shop will receive nine Superleggeras in total — a pretty sizable sum when you consider that less than 200 will make their way across the pond to US soil.

Naturally Arun and his cohorts took the opportunity to examine up-close what $200,000 worth of carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum looks like. Even better, they documented the experience, for our viewing pleasure of course.

We love the opening lines about the Ducati 1199 Superleggera, because it’s so true. It almost seems a shame to have to put the fairings on this motorcycle, because the real jaw-dropping experience comes with the Superleggera sans bodywork, exposing all the effort Ducati’s engineers went to in order to trim the fat off the already svelte Panigale.

If money was no object, we’d take two. One to ride, and another that could sit undressed in a special showroom for us to gawk at while we contemplate life, the universe, and everything. We think that’s how Claudio Domenicali, an engineer himself, would like it…as long as you bring a towel.

Enjoy the video below, and find our up-close photos of the Ducati 1199 SuperLeggera from its 2013 debut at the EICMA show.





















Source: Moto Corsa (YouTube) Photos: Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0

  • Richard Gozinya

    Christ that thing is ugly naked.

  • Mariano

    Haters gonna hate

  • crshnbrn

    Richard is right. The photographer should have left something for the imagination. A whole lot.

  • smiler

    So are Ducati Portland going to put knobly tyres on it and put it through a forest or a 300mm rear tyre or take all the good stuff off and make a flat tracker out of it?

    No one does specials better than Ducati. Shame it has acrapovich and not termi exhausts though.

  • smiler

    It is amazing how young Americans are now unable to speak in sentences, use only basic words and punctuate everything with the word like, several times in a phrase.

  • taikebo

    this is an art

  • Gutterslob

    All liquid-cooled Ducatis have been ugly when naked. This one is no exception. Nothing new there.

    What concerns me is how the hell racing teams set-up the damn thing without a frame.

  • ML

    I think its beautiful even when naked. The engineering that went into this bike is lovely to behold. It looks much better in real life. That ‘pinkish’ red looks magical in direct sunlight.

  • Matt Higgins

    The ultimate m/c porn! If I were ever to “spank the monkey” over a motorcycle, this would be IT!!!

  • Monkey bread

    Take a basic design that has shown itself to be a failure every time it hit the track in motogp, lip-stick it up with titanium, carbon, and pixie dust… Hang an ungodly price tag from its handlebar… and watch the “more money than brains” douchebags line up with their wallets open.


  • Rob

    lol^ says the guy who knows nothing about most things but is an expert on all things..gotta love the internets

  • Fuggerduck

    only in “ducat la la land” can a bike with this poor showing on the race track, attract this level of marketing success. WSB anyone? What? one rider has placed 3rd and one 2nd so far? and almost 50pnts behind in the championship…

    the emperor is an over priced, throw-what-bits-will-stick failure as Monkey bread so rightly pointed out.

  • Faust

    People make me laugh. This bike is constantly compared to the GP bikes because of the chassis by people on the internet, yet has nothing to do with it. How in the world does the monocoque on this bike (made of aluminum) have anything to do with the old carbon framed GP bikes? There’s nothing similar about them. Have you seen both? Also, people have really selective memory regarding race stats. This bike is pretty early in it’s development. It’s only going into it’s 3rd year of production and second year of racing in the SBK class. The S1000RR didn’t do very well when it started out in SBK either. So this design doesn’t work in racing? They’ve had multiple podiums this year, and the Panigale has a 19 point series lead and is 1-2 in SSTK. Sounds like the development is on track to me. Google how long it took the S1K from introduction to it’s first race win. Here’s a hint, it was more than 2 seasons.

  • Beautiful piece of engineering, PARTICULARLY WITHOUT its bodywork, take that you blind no taste hacks. :)

    But whoever is making the aesthetic choices when it comes to that pathetic two-tone excuse for paint job and colors, you have no EYE. What is that color anyway, some kind of pastel orangey salmon egg red? Looks like a red bike that sat out in the sun for too long and the paint has faded. And what color is that stripe anyway, some kind of off-white silvery blaaaah. They almost have no choice but to complement all those bland colors with flat black/grey dead looking carbon fiber along with those dull Gold wheels. And this is your flagship bike? This person responsible really needs to be transferred to another division. A lot of these bikes won’t sell on the first try specifically because of how they look.

    Imagine if they had done the bike in a deep rich red with a nice bright bone white stripe, gloss black wheels and deep rich gloss carbon fiber pieces that pops, it immediately becomes a looker. Numerous color combinations come to mind that would’ve been head and shoulders above this lame color scheme.

    And the sound of the engine, Jesus one of the greatest things about riding a Ducati is the sound of that engine, but this engine sounds… just okay. And we know why, it’s that BS under-slung exhaust, which could make a Ferrari V12 sound like a Chrysler minivan V6. Why not offer the option of a dual under tail exhaust that weighs an extra 1.5 lbs, at most.

    And notice how nobody says anything about how it rides, or that they enjoyed it. Just that it feels ‘different’ in comparison to previous models and gushing over the power to weight ratio. That is certainly no glowing endorsement, particularly when it comes from the people who work on these bikes for a living.

    Putting myself in the place of a prospective buyer, I would be leaning away from buying this, and leaning back towards an Aprilia.

  • TRL

    XXX/500 ?????