Ducati Scrambler Hero 01 by Holographic Hammer

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We’ve been big fans of the work done by Holographic Hammer for a long, though we have only curious featured their work once before — and that’s a shame, since the French outfit is making some interesting concepts, both digitally and physically.

We’re therefore happy to share with you their latest work, the Ducati Scrambler “Hero 01”.

Holographic Hammer tells us that they wanted to keep the purpose of the Scrambler at the Hero 01’s core, namely a bike that you actually used on a day-to-day basis. It would get dirty, it would get scratched, it would tip over…therefore a bunch of intricate and expensive kit wouldn’t do.

The changes therefore are practical and affordable, sans maybe the $3,000 carbon fiber Rotobox wheels…after all though, one has to live. Right?

A little research on the original Scrambler showed HH that many of the models ended up as café racers, namely because the original Scrambler’s were light and nimble, and thus handled very well on the roads at speed. Using that aesthetic to guide them, the Hero 01 started to take shape.

Dropping 45 lbs off their donor Ducati Scrambler (dry weight is now 320 lbs), Holographic Hammer stayed true to the café racer ideal. In the end, it’s as close to a retro street racer as you can get with modern reliability and less than $20,000 to spend.

We imagine the design will appeal to the hip-oriented crowd the most, but we think Ducatisti and general motorcycle enthusiasts can appreciate what the guys at Holographic Hammer have tastefully done here. We certainly do.








Source: Holographic Hammer