Ducati Desert Sled ADV Alaska Prototype by Earle Motors

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Just the other day, I was lamenting to a Ducati person about how the Desert Sled should have been the first model from the motorcycle makers Scrambler sub-brand…since, you know, it goes off-road quite well.

Built for the hard hits and jumps that come with taking a production street bike scrambling through the woods, the Desert Sled pretty much lives up to its name. But, if you really want to do the business, some changes need to be made.

This is where Alex Earle comes in the picture, with his Ducati Desert Sled “ADV Alaska” Prototype. A designer for Audi by day, Earle is known better in motorcycling circles for his street-tracker inspired custom Ducatis. You’ve probably seen them before.

Planning to actually take his creation to the ends of the earth, Earle has kitted out his Desert Sled for serious off-road duty in Alaska and beyond, with a 21″ inch wheel features up front, knobby tires all around, and of course a Warn winch…because why the heck not?!?

Other items include a six-gallon fuel capacity, a rally navigation tower setup, a custom seat, and a high-mount exhaust. There is no shortage of luggage options, and from what we have been told, the mounting points on the fuel tank may or may not be for a small chainsaw.

As the name implies, the project is very much a constantly evolving machine, as was Earle’s street-tracker project. A bash plate and more engine protection are in the pipe, as is a swingarm length enhancement.

One of our favorite bikes at this year’s One Moto Show in Portland, OR – we will be curious to see where Earle takes the project, and where the project takes him.

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