Photos of the upcoming Ducati Scrambler seem to be a dime a dozen these days, especially after the still unreleased model was snapped by an attendee at the World Ducati Week 2014 gathering.

We have also seen the Scrambler testing at Ducati’s Borgo Panigale factory, in various states of build. And now today we get perhaps our best glimpse yet…and no, we’re not talking about the claymation video from Ducati’s marketing, which has been making the rounds this week already (an eyeroll for even having to say that).

Caught again at Borgo Panigale, this picture seems to be a ready-for-production version of the Ducati Scrambler, which we can expect to officially debut in a few months’ time.

It’s perhaps not worth rehashing everything we’ve said and speculated about this new model from Ducati, so we’ll leave you with this simple question: do you like?

Source: Nor Cal Ducati Owners Club (Facebook)

  • Alex

    3:09AM… I see you too, are more powerful than sleep

  • jeram


    looks like a dogs breakfast.

    modern swingarm, seat and wheels mated to a classic tank, headlight and handlebars… It just doesnt make sense

  • Superbikeman

    scrambler my ass looks like a barn build from a guy who is half blind!

  • Zero appeal. The original was not this ugly and its not a pretty beast.

  • sideswipe

    tsk, tsk. Some folks should have their coffee before posting up on the interwebs. So grouchy around here in the morning.

    The bike? While not an artfully lit & angled product shot it looks like a fun bike. Air cooled Desmo twin, tubular (not quite trellis) perimeter frame, all day ergos, and suspension that in theory should allow it to go around corners fairly well. Looks light too. Looks like the folks at Ducati did what so many are doing these days themselves by lashing modern brakes & suspension to old bikes and having fun.

  • RL

    First of all, Jerem, how can you fault it for having a modern swingarm? Also, yes it’s not going to be perfect from the factory (Ducatis rarely are) but all it needs are a set of street-friendly knobbies, an engine guard, and a some high pipes that sound the biz. With those few mods it will be much more suited to “scrambling” than the very popular Triumph model. Hopefully they price it so you can get it tricked out for less than the total cost of a stock Monster.

  • Richard Gozinya

    Looks fun to ride, no idea what it’ll cost though. But definitely more fun than that new Indian Scout.

  • mudgun

    sideswipe says: ” Looks like the folks at Ducati did what so many are doing these days themselves by lashing modern brakes & suspension to old bikes and having fun.” Perfect.

  • Bruce Monighan

    What is that awful thing hanging off the rear wheel. That is Ducati’s idea of a license plate mount? This thing is a mess, a mashup of ideas with no clear statement. Nothing fits toegther

  • sgt stiglitz

    not a single. no spoke wheels. no high pipe. no ground clearance.

    not a scrambler.

  • John D’Orazio

    OK, I’ve taken a “wait and see” attitude toward the Ducati “Scrambler”. Well, the wait is over. It’s scrambled all right, a scrambled mess. I did not expect a “dual sport” bike or a “scrambler” in the old timey sense (Honda, Yamaha, et. al), but I didn’t expect this either. This bike is a big stumble for Ducati.

  • Ken C.

    Kind of looks like a Monster with taller handlebars.

  • sideswipe

    Oh, another thought. What’s the price this is going to hit at? That might be the difference between this being brilliant or just another market segment check mark for Ducati. I know Ducati doesn’t do “cheap” but if it’s less than a monster it might eat market share of other manufacturers’ naked and/or retro bikes. Think maybe siphoning off a few Triumph Scramblers and maybe a few FZ6’s in addition to quite a large number of “my first Ducati” people at the right price.

  • John


  • mike

    “C’mon Fido, here’s your breakfast!”

  • “hipsterism” at its best…or i should say worst…

  • Dr. Gellar

    I love how everyone is whining over a damn test mule. It looks to be the same bike as show here…


    …but without all the testing contraptions on it.

  • Brian stevens

    Everything up to and just before 821 was ballsy (including my 1100 Hyper).
    Have no lust for any model since.
    Quick look through their history tells one story : dead sexy.
    Present day catalog says just one thing : very reasonable.

  • Brian stevens

    Having had a 796 Hyper, I know the torque and power will be adequate. Even if the Scrambler is only 169 kg dry, it reeks of market compromise. But who want’s “adequate” ?

  • RT Moto

    Looks like a very fun bike and that is all I require for it to be good. I have an 06 Sport Classic and the wire wheels with tubes are meh. Sure they look cool but I’ll take easy to clean and more riding any day.

  • Jeram

    RL: Im faulting it for having a modern swingarm because it does not suit the bike at all.

    All they had to do with this bike to get a tick in the style department is look into their existing parts bin:
    Swingarm, wheels and seat all could have come from the ducati sport classic parts bin!

    Remember that as a scrambler, this bike is being targeted towards hipsters! hipsters wont want a bike unless it looks bautiful in an “organic locally grown fruit juice with macca powder and a shot fair trade buckwheet” kind of way.
    That means that not only does that mean that each component must be created (or appear to be created) in an artisan fashion, but if anything doesnt match up perfectly it will ruin the appeal.

  • Halfie30

    Buy it. Throw away the bars. Install a set of clip-ons. Modern retro… I might be in on this one if the pricing is right, and it stays air-cooled.

  • Terry

    Simple answer: No!

  • Whoa. I’d rather wait with final comments until I see this machine with
    a) some front fender,
    b) some more part covering up some e.g. the chain and possibly the radiator,
    c) with some proper final production finish,
    d) not some dweeb sitting on it without wearing gloves (now that’s stupid!) and a riding position as if he were to pressure-shit…

    Optical aesthetics aside this migth possibly end up being some nice motorcycle for inner city action and/or no-knife-between-teeth all-around plodding…

  • paulus

    it’s a deliberate misdirection.
    The shows are only a couple of months away… reduce the expectation, then deliver a better package (than this) at the show.

    It makes a less than stellar solution look better than expected.

  • crshnbrn

    Sorry JB.

  • crshnbrn

    Let me try this again only I’ll be a little more PC this time.

    @ Krylov

    re: “not some dweeb sitting on it without wearing gloves (now that’s stupid!) and a riding position as if he were to pressure-shi”t…


    Nice over-the-ankle shoes too.