For the past two weeks, Ducati has been taking feedback online and at motorcycle shows on the new 2011 Ducati Diavel power cruiser. The Bologna brand has clearly taken some of the constructive criticism to heart, as it’s begun tinkering with the design of the Diavel. Replacing the the white version of the Diavel, Ducati has released photos of the Ducati Diavel Diamond Black, an all-black version of the Diavel that has a black anodized headlamp and air intakes.

The Ducati Diavel Diamond BlackĀ features a glossy black tank, which stands out against the bike’s revised matte black air intakes. Making for a sinister approach to the Diavel, we can see why Ducati opted to add this bike into the line-up, and drop the not-so-attractive white variant. With the Diavel Carbon hitting the pocketbook for a cool $19,995, we expect the Diavel Diamond BlackĀ to be the Diavel Ducati converts want in their garage.

In addition to the Diamond Black, Ducati will also be dropping the red Diavel’s ugly as sin brushed metal looking air intakes for the matte black revisions, which should help bring that bike’s style into more appealing standards (we’d go with color-matched intakes, but hey that’s just us talking).

Source: Ducati

  • Kevin White

    They didn’t pay much heed to my feedback, which was that the exhaust is ugly and imbalancing.

  • Other Sean

    They didn’t listen to me either, I said euthanise the whole ill-conceived concept.

  • Scooter

    It looks like they hired someone from Harley Davidson to design this thing. Maybe Ducati will come out with a line of pirate clothes to go with the bike. I would think that this will have a short life. It is just plain ugly and, like a Harley, overpriced.

  • Westward

    My two cents was about the exhaust too. Cartoonish, was how I described it. BTW, I liked the brush metal, whats wrong with setting oneself apart from every other bike on the market. Just what the world needs, more matte black, everyone wants to be Mad Max…

  • zackex

    I love the Red with brushed aluminum intakes. I believe this is styling that needs to be veiwed up front and in person on the street to make a fair judgement. I have been quick to discount many styling concepts only to reverse my opinion on first sight. Photography is great but this Bike needs to be veiwed, ridden, and heard before passing judgment.

  • RGR

    The wheels are badass. I want a set for my Speed Triple.

  • zackex

    Did they tone down the finish on the exhaust system as well or is it just the photo

  • Westward

    Why not just give the buyer an option of Brushed Metal or Matte. I’d definitely take Brushed Metal for my Monster…

  • MikeD

    +1 for color-matched intakes and head lamp cover. Matte looks half-way there.

  • irksome

    Pick a color, any color. It STILL looks like a warthog dry-humping a wildebeest.

  • Bob Dogjuice

    You know they’re in trouble when they paint the thing black.

  • paulus

    It’s brave and bold. Better than not trying to develop something.
    The black option is nice, but I like the brushed intakes… it’s Ducati’s take on the “V-Max”
    Pricing for the US is infinitely better than Europe where we pay much more.
    it’s got design elements to appease the US buyers… the wheels are pure US aftermarket.
    Quit your complaining… give it a chance. If you dont like it, dont buy it.