Cake Makka Debuts as a Cheap & Purposeful Electric Moped

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Swedish mobility company Cake has made a name for itself by creating intriguing two-wheelers that are so damn purposeful in their design that they take on a functional beauty of their own.

Their debut bike, the Cake Kalk& was lauded for this design ethos, though its $14,000 was a deal-stopper for many. The sub-$10,000 Cake Kalk Ink helped things in that regard, but the Swedish brand has still been on the pricier side of the market.

Responding to those feelings, the Swedes have a new, more affordable two-wheeler on the market now.

Say hello to the Cake Makka, which is a downright utilitarian Scandinavian moto that starts at $3,800. 

For those keeping score, that price tag puts the Cake Makka squarely in Honda Trail 125 territory in terms of pricing, which isn’t too shabby for an electric utility bike.

Specs on the Cake Makka are diminuitive, with 3.8 kWh onboard, a top speed of 30 mph, and a range of of just over 30 miles.

Designed to fit into moped laws, the Cake Makka fits into a budding electric two-wheeled category that sits between e-bikes and electric scooters.

Licensing will depend on jurisdictions, but for some states and countries, riding the Cake Makka can be done without a motorcycle endorsement, and that is where the real power of this machine resides.

Of course, Cake has made the Makka to be incredibly modular, with several iterations of the bike already from the factory, including a two-seater, baby-carrier, top box, pannier, or utility equipped models.

The step-through frame on the Makka the bike good for people of all shapes, sizes, and ages – fitting into the tenets of the Cake brand.

Fit and finish appears to be very strong, indicative of the brand. If you like what you see, ordering is open now, with deliveries starting at the beginning of 2022.

Source: Cake