Concept: Harley-Davidson Brawler

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Centered around capturing a younger demographic, the Brawler is the latest concept from Travis Clark. Hoping to engage younger riders with an actually sporty Sportster, Clark’s Brawler, in its finest trim, combines the high-powered Porsche designed motor in an attractive package that speaks more to a younger generation than anything that’s come out of Milwaukee…and it looks good too.

While Harley-Davidson has certainly been gaining some traction in younger markets with its different Sportster offerings, like the new Forty-Eight, the company still needs a major youth infusion. Clark thinks that his Brawler is the the ticket with its more modern design and performance-centered operation. Designed to come with two different suspension packages, the base Brawler features inverted forks and an 88ci air-cooled HD power plant, while the high-end brawler comes with the V-Rod motor and leading link front suspension.

There are some cues to the original VRSC, but Clark’s Brawler also has hints from other designs. For instance, the high-mounted scrambler-styled exhaust is a welcomed change from the down and low pipes we’re accustomed to seeing from the custom crowd. With other manufacturers interested in the performance cruiser segment, it will be interesting to see if Harley-Davidson picks up designs like the Brawler.

Source: Coroflot via The Kneeslider