Upcoming BMW S1000F Rendered by Nicolas Petit

07/02/2014 @ 6:13 pm, by Jensen Beeler22 COMMENTS


Once again the folks at Wunderlich are readying themselves for another BMW model, and the German company has enlisted the services of French designer Nicolas Petit to render the upcoming BMW S1000F sport-tourer, which we are all eagerly awaiting.

Based off the BMW S1000RR sport bike, the S1000F features an upright handlebar design with a more touring-oriented sitting position, to make for better long-road travel. It’s not clear if BMW will follow the lead of Erik Buell Racing, and choose not to detune its superbike engine, but it does seem that BMW wants a bigger piece for the sporty end of the touring market.

We’ve caught the BMW S1000F out testing already, and expect the machine to debut at the INTERMOT show this October. The S1000F will certainly take on the Ducati Multistrada 1200 head-to-head for road-going riders (despite its ADV flare), while the BMW R1200GS / R1200GSA will likely hold down the Bavarian brand’s position with big displacement dual-sport riders.

The addition of the S1000F to BMW’s motorcycle line is an interesting choice, as it is certain to draw at least some buyers away from the GS. However, the more horsepower BMW leaves in the F model from its RR counterpart, the less overlap it will have with the GS.

On the other side of the coin is the BMW S1000R streetfighter, meaning for every horsepower left into the 999cc four-cylinder engine, the S1000F will encroach on its single-R counterpart.

BMW is certainly courting younger riders with its “S” line of motorcycles, but after the S1000F drops, it will certainly have an impacted space on its hands. Add into the mix the BMW Roadster Concept, and BMW has a full-house of less-than-faired motorcycles coming for two-wheeled enthusiasts.

Time will tell how sport, adventure, and touring-oriented the new S1000F will be. It certainly is an intriguing model, with good all-around elements…we just thought BMW already had a machine like that.

Source: Nicolas Petit (Blog)

  • Rodrigo

    At first sight, just looking the pics, I was thinking that the news was related to something about a sort of new Yamaha FZ1000… I don’t know… a radical 2015 FZ1000… lol

    I really love the FZ ^^

    Anyway, nice render of the BMW S1000F ;)

  • SpaceJJ

    Time to get my Super T ready for trade in.

    Hopefully there is a HP version with adaptive suspension.

  • Belga

    It does look a little like a FZ1. The fizzer suffers from afterthought suspension, engine ‘retuning’, and the most unpredictable throttle ever. Maybe the Germans fixed this.

  • paulus

    It doesn’t really look that great… uninspiring really

  • Ian

    So BMW criticise Triumph for ‘copying’ the GS, then they wheel out a Tiger Sport?

  • AHA

    Yup, it’s a Tiger. And it’s also a Fazer. Though given the donor bike is already a generation (and +40hp?) ahead of those bikes, it’s difficult to see how BMW won’t come to market with something vastly superior to those rather dated bikes especially in terms of the drivetrain and electronic aids. The real competition for this BMW will come if KTM come up with an 1190 based successor to the 990SMT and if MV can actually start selling the Sport Veloce (in a form that isn’t actually a mule for customers to do the development.) And the CapoNord if you aren’t offended by it’s ‘function over form’ ugliness.

  • Terry

    I am really interested to see this.
    I currently have a 990 smt, which I lvoe, but feel is a little udnerpowered. It could do with the hp that this will probably have.
    The 990 is extremely light tho, with top end suspension and brakes, and overall superb handling. This would need to match or at least get close to that for me to even consider it, extra hp or not.
    If its, 220kg + then forget it, the smt will always be a better bike imho.

  • JBrown

    The S1000R is the best Suzuki BMW has ever made, so it stands to reason that BMW would try to outdo themselves and make the best Yamaha ever made.

  • AHA

    Terry: The SMT feels underpowered? Really? It has a better power/weight ratio than 95% of bikes you can buy. You must be seriously fast. Big respect. The only time I ever feel it could use more oomph is on a long straight like Brabham at Brands Hatch. On the road, never.

  • article dan

    990 smt underpowered. Ye alright mate lol

  • article dan

    I mean what was u riding before? A frickin jet bike?

  • Terry

    @article dan – have you ridden or owned one? Not in a position to comment if you havent :)
    Go over to ktmsmt.com, a board dedicated to the bike, and you will see this is a commonly held opinion amongst owners.
    Perhaps underpowered is the wrong phrase, but it could definitely use an extra 20-30 hp, possibly having the 1190 engine in the same bike.
    @AHA – yep, I know power to weight is great with it, and its lightness is arguably the best thing about it, and when considering other bikes, weight needs to be within approx 10% for me or it just wont get near the all round package of the smt.
    Im nothing special on it imo, but can throw it round as much as I like, and dont feel another 2-30 hp would make me scared of it in the least.

  • Wunderlich does it again, beautiful bike.

  • Dang. Yeah, that’s gorgeous. It pushes all the right buttons here.

  • BBQdog

    Looks very Yamaha-like ….

  • Ryder

    So will this replace the K1300s?

  • Steve

    I’m lucky enough to own a gsxr1000k3 and a tiger 1050 se. And have said repeatedly, if I could put the gixxer engine in the triumph I’d have my ultimate bike…. Looks like Beemer beat me to it!
    If they give it the s1000r power, spec and pricing they have they’re first customer right here. In metallic black or BMW Motorsport white please.

  • Alclab

    Let’s not forget that the official image is from the side and the front/lateral view is a render. There is an extremely big chance that the front will NOT look like that (at least half of it), BMW is pretty commited to their asymetric design on motorcycles (with a few exceptions)

  • Paul McM

    Well, I like the higher bars. Beyond that, Meh. Nothing but BORING BTDT copycat Japanese styling (which is NOT that attractive), along with the obligatory badly shapped rider’s seat and ridiculously small pillion seat. Don’t bike stylists EVER ride with a passenger? I thought Germans were supposed to be logical??

    To me this is just another fast bike that is totally derivative, and for that it suffers. If BMW really wanted to give us something different and actually BETTER, how about:

    1. A passenger seat that is actually comfortable for female adults.
    2. A rider’s seat that it actually ergonomic and doesn’t have a bunch of sharp lines and angles. Common’ have you ever seen an auto racing seat that has flats where the body needs curves? This is BS.
    3. Real HID headlights.
    4. A windsreen that actually provides some protection and doesn’t look like it was grabbed off a “made-in-china” 350cc POS. Oh, and I can tell you, that little “spoiler” on the top of the screen is a BAD idea — all this does is creat turbulence and noise.
    5. Curves ……….. I am so friggin’ tired of the BS, ugly, copycat, origami sharp-angled styling. No, Munich guys, it does NOT look new, no it does NOT look appealing, no it does NOT separate your product from the pack. Honestly, if I ran a multi-zillion dollar company I would first torture (then terminate) any stylists that produce this boring, ugly stuff. It looks like a photoshop job pieced together by a 16-year-old.

  • proudAmerican

    I like it. But, in my area, the BMW dealerships are crap.

    So, I like this new BMW for the reason that if it–and the S1000R–sell well, they’ll motivate Triumph to update their Speed Triples and Tiger 1050’s, using the Explorer’s 1200cc engine.

    Oh yeah. Time’s are a gettin’ better!!

  • The Saintr

    Everyone is going for the game changing Ducati Multistrada …
    Launched in 2010 it redefined the sport tourism to highers bars bike…

    Yet in paper this S1000F is interesting but if BMW continues with the lack of reliability as it has showed in the 2013 GS and now 2014 GSA and RT …. I’d rather bet on the more reliable , more good looking Multistrada..

    And by 2016 there will come the 2nd gen MTS 1200 …. maybe a paginale engine? :)

  • AHA

    @Saintr: You are more right than you know. In fact the Multistrada changed the game way back in 2004 with the launch of the original 1000DS, with a 620 a couple of years later, then a 1100 upgrade. The all new 2010 MTS 1200 range is the second generation. The next will be the 3rd gen.