Concept: Bimota TB-1 by Oberdan Bezzi

06/02/2011 @ 8:42 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

For his latest work, Oberdan Bezzi imagines a three-cylinder Bimota that uses Triumph’s 675cc three-cylinder motor. Dubbed the Bimota TB-1 by the Italian designer, Bezzi brings up an interesting point with his sketch, namely that when the MV Agusta F3 comes it will, for all intents and purposes, be in a class of its own. You can’t really argue the point that there is yet-to-exist a premium well-designed supersport triple on the market right now (sorry Daytona owners), and Bezzi says that Bimota could easily come into this space with such a bike as seen here.

We’re inclined to agree that there is an opportunity in this space, as the Ducati Superbike 848 has certainly shown that you can sell in the middleweight class with a premium. However, MV Agusta won’t be the only Italian manufactuer coming out with a dead sexy 600cc range motorcycle (that is, if the MV Agusta F3 ever does come out…), as the Vyrus 986 M2 is one dead-sexy machine, and has a powerful Honda CBR600RR motor in it. Not quite the same as a triple, but we’d have a hard time choosing between the two, if given the option.

Source: Oberdan Bezzi (blog)

  • Shawn

    Why isn’t the Daytona considered a “premium well-designed supersport triple”? Just curious.

  • froryde

    It’s not expensive enough and doesn’t look sexy enough.

  • Shawn

    Cheap and ugly? Sounds like my kind of, er, bike.

  • Anvil

    Sorry, the Daytona is one of the best looking sportbikes on the market by most accounts. Premium? No it’s not…overpriced. And the 675R is a steal for the money.

    Seems like most “premium” bikes don’t really deliver on their premiumness, anyway, unless you consider high parts costs and long back-order lists premium. But I’m sure there’s a niche for an upscale three-cylinder 675 sportbike–the more the merrier, I say. I like the F3, but it was never meant to be premium, in fact, it was intended to be affordable. Now, the reality will probably be at odds with the intent, but the base model was supposed to sell for about $11K originally.

    And yes, I own a Daytona. But I didn’t buy one without first considering an 848 and a couple of other bikes. It was really not much of a contest, all things considered.

    BTW, the Bimota concept is beautiful. Unfortunately, it’s just a daydream.

  • Richard Gozinya

    I’d take the Vyrus over that. Or even better, the Vyrus with the Daytona’s engine. If you’re going to pay a huge premium for something exotic, it may as well actually be different from the norm, instead of just expensive.

  • Other Sean

    God no! The MV August F3 will be in a class of it’s own? What to do?

    This article seems to be a needless “F you” to the Triumph 675. Saying it’s not premium, and then saying someone could build something premium USING ITS MOTOR is laughably snobbish.

    That said, this is a nice sketch, we could’ve left it at that.

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  • hoyt

    I thought the Triumph now comes with top shelf suspension? (Or near the top)

    Premium price or premium quality?

  • shallwedance?

    Vyrus? What a crock.MV we’ll see How come the daytona keeps winning bike tests ?

  • Shawn

    The 2011 675R can be had with Ohlins front and rear. I think the 675 looks great, and I’d love to have one. Plus a triple just sounds cooler than 4 cylinder. This Bimota concept looks derivative, predictable, and boring, just like all of Oberdan Bezzi’s sketches.

  • hoyt

    I wouldn’t be so hard on the guy. Most of his work is derivative because that appears to be the intent…Take a production model and add “what if?” …which is what Bimota is all about aside from the Tesi.

    Bezzi has done original stuff as well. The Moto Morini bench seat & sport concept is stellar. Plus, Barnett HD (which also runs a publication) has contracted Bezzi to do some original “what ifs” for HD motors & bikes. The latest is run of single cylinder concept sketches.