Bimota BB4 Concepts by Oberdan Bezzi

07/15/2014 @ 2:55 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS


I had to check the last time we showed you some of Oberdan Bezzi’s work, and it was over three months ago. The Italian designer has certainly been busy since that time though, as he has produced a number of BMW/Bimota concepts for us to ponder about.

Imagining the Italian company’s current trend of using BMW power plants — as has been seen with the Bimota BB3 — Bezzi’s drawings instead use BMW Motorrad’s popular boxer engine as their base.

The effect is an interesting one, as the BMW’s boxer engine has proven to be the base of the German brands Top 3 selling bikes, and has found interesting applications in the BMW R nineT modular machine, and the BMW Roadster Concept motorcycle.

Here dubbed the “Bimota BB4”, these concepts come in a variety of sporty standard, cafe racer, and streetfighter varieties that Bezzi’s simply calls a “Café Fighter” concept.

It’s hard to pick our favorite from the bunch, but we are enthusiastic about the idea of a boxer-powered Bimota. We doubt we’ll see such a move from the now Swiss-owned brand, but like a good concept sketch, it’s good to dream.







Source: Oberdan Bezzi Design (Blog)

  • MikeD

    Nice . . . not bad at all.

    Personally I would consider owning something like this ( if I had the Flow$ ) now that you don’t have to take apart half a bike just to replace A STUPID DRY CLUTCH Assembly. I watched the whole process on YT and almost fell off my chair after all was said and done . . . WHAT A P.I.T.B !

    Hurray for the new water cooled Boxer !

  • Ryder

    Really nice drawings. A rear subframe made of carbon w. some metal inserts would be a bit more Bimota-like.

  • smiler

    I really like most of Bezzi’s concepts. Have any of them made it to production or does he do it as a hobby?

  • innis
  • Richard Gozinya

    These are actually really cool, and normally I don’t like his stuff. Some of the other stuff he’s done that I like, are his Norton concepts. Better than what the reconstituted Norton has put out, that’s for damn sure.